Best Facials for Acne in Singapore


Our team of beauty writers went undercover to scour the island for the best facials for acne skin. We rated the facials on the ambience of the place, the comfort and efficacy of the facial as well as the attitude of the staff. The beauty writers were split between those who preferred extractions to those who preferred a hands-free approach. However, the facials were judged evenly on whether they left any downtime, had any immediate effect on the complexion (within 24 hours) and any eventual benefits (after 3 days). Here are the results.

pink1 Clear Blue Facial

Details: 60 min for S$235.40

cute-heart-clip-art-18 Why we love it: Clear Blue uses The Sloane Clinic’s trademark 5-step process to clear, balance and strengthen your skin. The deep ultrasound mediated skin cleansing ensures even the most stubborn clogged pores are purged, and dead cells are dissolved away. It also used Blue LED photobiomodulation light, known for its anti-bacterial properties to further keep zits at bay. Skin is balanced and soothed with skin-strengthening vitamins for future skin defense.

images-9 What Tester Say: “This is possibly the most comprehensive skin clarifying facial I have ever come across. Its more 90 min than 60 min on my visit, and I must say I saw an immediate clarity to my skin after!”

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simple pimple plan facial

Details: 75mins for S$214

cute-heart-clip-art-18 Why we love it: This facial combines all the goodies in one treatment— an AHA peel, detoxifying clay masks, and lymphatic facial drainage massage, what’s not to love? Its aim is to control sebum and oil using effective Babor products so that your skin will be coaxed into clear submission.

images-9 What Tester Say: “I have sensitive skin and extraction type facials often leave my skin in a worse state than before. This is the first facial that I could actually fall asleep in, and my skin actually felt calmer after.”

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Deep Deep Clean

Details: 60 min for S$306.02

cute-heart-clip-art-18 Why we love it: This is the godfather of all super-cleansing facials for those whose main aim is to have 100% skin clarity with nary a clogged pore in sight. It cleverly combines microdermabrasion with a fruit acid wash, 5-10 minutes of ultrasonic deep pore purging, and a targeted facial wrap to keep breakouts at bay. You can choose from whitening wraps, to oil control wraps to hyaluronic acid wraps depending on skin type.

images-9 What Tester Say: “While I have always geared towards extraction-type facial, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin reacted better and cleared up a lot faster after this facial than any others I have tried!”

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Customised Microdermabrasion Facial

Details: 90 Minutes & 60 Minutes | Price: S$340.00 & S$260.00

cute-heart-clip-art-18 Why we love it: This facial is somewhat customized to suit individual skin types and includes a consultation with the spa esthetician. In addition to a thorough cleansing, microexfoliation, extractions, face massage, mask, moisturising and UV protection, each facial is made complete with a warm paraffin foot wrap, foot and scalp massages, and eye and lip treatments.

images-9 What Tester Say: “I was floored by the professional attitude of the spa therapist serving me, she was so knowledgeable and friendly. I really like the extras thrown into that lulled me into a relaxed state of semi-sleep. My skin wasn’t red after, and certainly felt cleaner.”

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Pimple ER

Details: S$80.25 for one spot

cute-heart-clip-art-18 Why we love it: This is not exactly a facial but we felt it deserved a spot on the list because this 10 min quickie is a godsend to anyone who needs to stop a zit in its tracks just before a red carpet event. This innovative three-step therapy not only treats individual pimple lesions from within to stop infection in its tracks ( a minute injection is delivered by our doctors), but also utilizes dermal healing topicals and transdermal delivery of active ingredients via a distinctive anti-inflammatory, super-calming skin patch to speedily abate swelling in the shortest possible time. Expect to see results within 24 hours.

images-9 What Tester Say: “I was amazed when my pimple disappeared in less than a day. This is the sort of treatment acne-prone brides need to have on their speed dial.”

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