5 Korean Beauty Hacks That You Need to Know

When it comes to beauty and makeup, the Koreans have got it pat down. The fresh-faced K-pop look has overtaken the more made-up, sophisticated (read: older) styles of the West. Now makeup is about enhancing not concealing. And the best makeup is when you look like you have got no makeup on, just great skin. Here’s how you can achieve that fresh faced Korean look.

Baby Flush


When it comes to giving your face a cue pick-me-up, nothing does the trick like a perfect shade of blush. The trick is to throw away all your old powder and cream blushers. The latest blush is a natural flush on the cheeks that looks like you are blushing, not wearing rouge.


Do: Use a Cheek stain that complements your skin tone.

Don’t: Cream blushers tend to slide and slip off easily. It has the least staying power due to its creamy texture as it doesn’t really have enough grip on the skin. As a result, you end up with either too much colour at the start or no colour by the middle of the day. It’s also most likely to clog pores.




Flawless Finish

Flawless skin starts with a poreless foundation. Go poreless with these nifty tricks.


Do: Shrink those pores with Laser peel. This Korean derived laser technique involves coating your skin with a carbon mask which is activated with a microspray of laser energies. This in turns stimulates pore closure and guarantees a more refined complexion after a series of sessions. What’s more: it does wonders for oily skin as well as mild acne as well.


Don’t: Trying to use astringent based products to close the pores is a bad idea. Firstly, astringent based products do not close your pores, they merely give you a sensation of matte skin temporarily by mopping up surface oil. However, you run the risk of dehydrating your skin surface and ending up with dry, flaking skin.


Don’t: Squeeze your blackheads yourself. Manual extraction may be gratifying but they will leave your skin looking red and angry. If you need to purge your pores of dirt and clogs, choose  pore-saving method such as Deep Deep Clean facials which uses sound waves to get rid of comedones, blackheads and whiteheads without inflaming skin.

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Radiant Skin

Skin radiance is dependent on your skin hydration. The better hydrated your skin is, the more likely you will glow.



Do: Achieve instant radiance with Revitalift Face. Also known as “water injection” for the skin, it aims to refill your skin with much needed dermal water. This helps to replenish the skin cells with cellular hydration, optimizing cellular functions and imparts a dewy finish to your complexion instantly.


Do: Highlight your assets with clever strobing techniques. Choose a highlighter that has just enough fine shimmer and is as close to your skin tone as possible for a natural effect. Strobe over cheeks, forehead and bridge of nose. Blend in well.


Don’t: Overdo the highlighter on skin, or do your highlighting in poor lighting. Always do it in bright natural light so you can see the final effect of your work. You don’t want to run the risk of looking like a made up doll when you step out of the house.

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Porcelain Tone

Fair skin is akin to baby skin. (Have you seen a tanned baby?) That’s why we always recommend SPF even when you are not out in the sun as UV has sneaky ways of getting to your skin.



Do: Try the Baby Skin Program, which combines LED Red photomodulation therapy with BB AquaTouch Laser to improve your skin’s texture drastically.

The highlight of this treatment – BB AquaTouch Laser – utilises a novel wavelength for faster clearance of pigment lesions, improve skin elasticity and reduce enlarged pores and wrinkles.

Do: Attain instant luminosity with the right sheet masks which can deliver enough nutrients and hydration to the top dermal layers of your skin. This clever trick instantly plumps up your skin and brightens it up a shade. We love

Do: Another wonderful way for even more long lasting fairness is to try Vitamin Therapy. This facial involves removal of dead cells which dulls the skin tone, followed by a dermal infusion of skin whitening vitamins using sonophoresis. This 60 min facial leaves skin fair and bright and is also said to help strengthen and rejuvenate tired aging skins.


Don’t: Wear a foundation that is one shade lighter than your normal skin tone in your quest to look fairer. This looks out of place because your ears and neck will look a shade darker. Your foundation should match your skin tone.


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Kissable Lips

Soft kissable lips are the focus of a youthful face. Before you even slick on any lip colour, ensure your lips are well-hydrated and devoid of stains and dead cells.



Do: Give your lips a thorough hydration and cleanser using a lip mask which replenishes and deeply hydrates your lips.

Do: Go the extra mile to get rid of lip lines and up the beauty factor of your puckers with Revitalift Lips. This lip-watering treatment tops up lip moisture and give lips a soft kissable feel.


Do: Use a lip stain on the inner corners of the lips, blending outwards to give a natural lip flush. Always top up with a lip balm or Vaseline to keep lips hydrated throughout the day.


Don’t: Line your lips beyond its natural borders. Its unnatural looking to say the least.

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