How to Really Hit Back at Body-Shamers

We’re all aware of the risks obesity brings – cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke to name a few. However, with a direct correlation established between obesity in women and stress, it seems gaining too much weight may be out of our control.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco found that just one traumatic life event elevated the risk of obesity by 11% and if you have had four, well, that puts you at a whopping 36% chance of further becoming a victim of cruel body-shamers. How then to defy the odds and negate any lingering effects of soul-crushing events?

Understanding Fats

fat table

Know your fats and you’re less likely to commit unhealthy mistakes like snacking on chips and having one too many ice creams. “Consuming trans fat increases the likelihood visceral obesity where fats are packed between organs posing greater health implications,” said Dr Chua Han Boon, Senior Medical Consultant at SW1 Clinic. “Excessive intake of fats also accumulates as subcutaneous fat found just beneath the skin,” he added.

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Start Loving Salmon & Lunges


According to Dr Chua, visceral fat can be reduced through a healthy diet and regular exercise so pile on the healthy fats from food like salmon and avocados and slip on your sports shoes or goggles. There is no need to calculate calories if you watch what you eat and dedicate more time away from the couch which incidentally helps to lift your spirits too. “The tough fats to burn away are the subcutaneous fat which will seem resistant to these efforts. Hence, a person leading an active lifestyle may find difficulty in losing the love handles or saddle hips, for instance,” explained Dr Chua.

Real Transformation


Look how you really feel. Whether you’re a survivor of a traumatic event or an energetic and blossoming soul, a winning body shape aka hourglass figure has benefits that are more than skin deep.

“SW1 Clinic offers a myriad of treatments to help patients achieve their ideal body shape but amongst them, the Supermodel Bodyfit Program is the game-changer,” said Dr Chua.

By combining 3 body-shaping and contouring procedures – Coolshape, Dream Body Tone and Exilis Body Magic – the Supermodel Bodyfit Program is designed to tackle stubborn fat from all angles sans scalpel and at no downtime.

A single Coolshape session effectively destroys up to 20% of fat cells by utilising the process cryolipolysis (freezing). The accompanying lymphatic drainage therapy – Dream Body Tone – boosts results by up to another 20%.

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Exilis Body Magic heats things up with radiofrequency and ultrasound to shrink fat cells and stimulate new collagen formation. “Essentially, this no-nonsense body contouring and cellulite smoothing treatment tightens skin and improves skin texture on top of fat reduction,” said Dr Chua.

coolshapeAfter 3 sessions of Coolshape, now love handles are almost non-existent and skin at the tummy area is firmer.

This roundup of three non-invasive treatments optimised to deliver visible and long-lasting results, helps you to bid adieu to crepey skin, saggy thighs, less-than-perfect limbs and the like. Together with diet and exercise, you can also do a Jessica Wright; turn a hurtful event around and reclaim your youthful appearance.

The above treatments are available at SW1 Slinic at Level 13 Paragon. For more information, visit or call them at 65-68178888.

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