What Beauty Doctors Are Doing to Look Good

When your job is to make your patients look good, you need to look good yourself. We asked three aesthetic doctors for the real deal on their go-to products and treatments that they have done themselves to stave off the hands of time.

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largeDr Low Chai Ling aka ‘The Multi-tasker’

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“My daily skin care regimen includes washing with a thermal cleanser like Skin Gym in the shower every morning followed by an application of Citrine, fresh powdered vitamin C mixed in with the activator before use. I never leave home without some form sunscreen and I usually prefer something that is oil-free and has a bit of tint like Beach Hat. I’m not much of a morning person, I usually reserve my longer skincare regime for the evening when I have some time. In the evening, that’s when I focus on myself.



I alternate between a retinol cream like Age Defy and White Plasma, a pigment clearing gel— to keep both wrinkles and pigment at bay. Every quarter, I have a BB Aquatouch laser treatment done. Two to three times per year, I get my Botox injections for my forehead which helps with my migraines and does double duty, keeping my forehead lines in check. As I grow older, I am not as fond of excessive fillers, I find that facial threadlifts go the distance more with my type of skin. Once a year, I get an Infinity V-lift done. If I need to prep for any important function but cannot spare any downtime, my go-to facial is the 24K Uplift. Nothing lifts and perks my skin up as much as this HIFU based facial.”

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largeDr Michelle Lim aka ‘The Preventor’

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“For me, prevention is key. On one hand, I am obsessed with preventing permanent wrinkles and sun damage. On the other hand, my current skin concerns relate to discoloration (melasma) and volume loss. I treat melasma like diabetes—it is not curable but can be well-controlled with a good product regimen, regular oxygen facials like O2 Blush and retinol peels, and sometimes laser treatments.

To subtly address volume loss, I rely on both Dream Sculpture (I do it every two to three years) injected into my midface, and Thermage (every 18–24 months) treatments on my lower face, brow area and upper knees to stimulate collagen production in my skin. This is somewhat preventive and also treats early signs of aging prevalent in my age group. Botox every three to four months in my glabella lines and crow’s-feet is my go-to to prevent wrinkles and subtly lift my brows. I get toning facials such as Divine UpLift if I want an instant lift—they’re great before an event or night out because they plump and moisturize my skin, creating a beautiful glow.

I have had Coolshaping done to erase unsightly bulges on my thighs and I love the result. It definitely gave my thighs more of an athletic appearance. I have a naturally hooded eye, so I am planning for an upper lid blepharoplasty with my colleague Dr YC Tan soon.  I naturally have a fairly hooded eye, which can give an aged appearance early on. I think its better to treat it early before it worsens.”

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largeDr Chua Han Boon aka ‘The Skin Refiner’

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“I feel that I am able to best communicate what a patient can expect from a treatment if I have experienced it myself, and I have tried most things aesthetic. I am a huge believer in treating signs of aging as soon as they appear. Many patients think that aging translates to wrinkles but actually, the initial signs of aging may include open pores and dull skin. Being an active sportsman, I alternate between Fraxel Dual and SmartX to refine and resurface my skin every 4 weeks. I extend the treatment to my upper eyelids as I find it helps to prevent sagging skin. My friends tease me that I get laser treatments regularly but when they see the improvements in my skin over the years, they are jumping on the bandwagon too!

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I suffered from teenage acne as I have quite oily skin. To keep my skin clear, I get Aqua.dermabrasion facials once a quarter or whenever there is a free slot, one of the perks of the job. I am a great believer in retinoids and I use Super Helper every night. Even though I have a full head of hair, the fact that my father is balding has made me take active steps to keep my hair health optimal. I go for the Keramax Scalp Program every two weeks. That has made a significant difference to my hair loss.”

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