This NEW Plastic Surgery Trend is Here to Stay

There’s no denying how social media has dramatically changed the way we socialise with others. Pictures have quickly replaced the necessity for text, only to have attention of followers grabbed by videos.

With studies reporting teens now spending a whopping nine hours on average on social media, it is little surprise the just-released results of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s annual survey show that “selfie-awareness” is in. What this means is that many are changing their appearances to improve the way they look in photographs, particularly those taken by themselves.


“Selfie-awareness is more than a fad.”

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According to the report, facial plastic surgeons saw a spike in patients who cited wanting to look better in selfies as the reason why they were considering going under the knife. The numbers surged from 13% to 55% and this tells of the increasing desire to be photogenic. Now, where every moment could potentially be recorded live and uploaded onto the cloud, looking good in photos and videos, matter.


“Consumers are only a swipe away from finding love and a new look, and this movement is only going to get stronger,” says AAFPRS President William H. Truswell, M.D.

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By that logic, a good selfie could score a match with your soulmate or propel your career if you’re an influencer. With the stakes “high”, it seems photoshopping photos and applying makeup to look a better version of oneself are no longer cutting it. Not to mention these methods don’t hold up in person and when the makeup comes off.


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