Face the Day with Glow

Emma Sim, a part-time model and blogger shares her top 4 glowgetter tips to face any day with a glow that shines inside and out.

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No. 1 Start the day with YOU

“Before the beautiful chaos begins (aka the emails, the calls etc), I get up half an hour before I actually have to. So I can spend some unhurried time with myself. This is my spiritual time to meditate or just enjoy the silence. Even 10 minutes lets me check in with myself and center my mind and thoughts. I find that the busier my day, the more quiet time to start the day.”

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No. 2 Get organized

“I like to make a plan for my day with an organized to-do list in order of priority to help me stay focused. Checking them off as I go feels so satisfying.”

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Image result for flatlay organizer
I still like to write down notes the old fashioned way.


No. 3 Glowing secret

Quattro Toning is the latest quadruple wavelength skin perfecting laser. It has made such an impact on my complexion. My skin is radiant with minimal upkeep, just the way I like it.”

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Related image
Quattro Toning gives me great skin with less upkeep. I am a lipstick-and-go sort of gal.

No. 4 Time to unwind

“Winding down is a must. Reading a book or a bedtime chat with my partner about our day helps my mind slow down. Simple moments like this at the end of each day help me find peace and sleep better.”

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Image result for books flat lay
A good book and a warm drink puts me in the right mood for bed.


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