This Water Saved My Skin… Literally!

It might sound dramatic, but micellar water saved my skin! You might be wondering what micellar water is so here is the ‘science-sy’ part. Micellar water contains gentle microscopic oil molecules called micelles (hence the name) suspended in soft water that attach to dirt, grime, makeup, and other gunk your skin has going on. But instead of foaming and stripping your complexion like soap and cleansers, micelles dissolve the bad stuff, while keeping the good stuff on your skin intact.

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Rewind back twelve months, and the breakup with my ex left me in a mess, and my skin in an even worse state. Having been prone to breakouts all my life, this mini-crisis provoked a breakout that defied all interventions. Pimple creams dried our my skin surface, making it look like the Sahara, while moisturizing creams triggered another wave of zits. I even resorted to home remedies such as apple cider vinegar which did nothing but made me smell like an unwashed hound.

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Reset micellar water
Reset: Multi-tasking micellar water with vitamins

Enter Reset, a facial toner that came in a facial mist format. I had read so much about micellar water that even I was persuaded to give it a try (to be honest, I would have given anything a go at that stage). Unsure about how to actually use it, I followed the instructions from the online store and used it after my cleanser, which usually left my skin feeling tight and dry. What a difference it made! After two days of using Reset as a spray on toner, I could really see the difference in my skin. My schizophrenic complexion calmed down dramatically with dry patches vanishing. Yet at the same time, my skin wasn’t overtly shiny or oily.

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Reset miracle water
Reset is a water with infused micelles that hydrate and balance complexions from inside out

When you touch the water with your fingers, it doesn’t feel oily at all. In fact, it looks and feels just like water, but behaves like a moisturizer without all the oil-related side effects.

Somehow balancing my skin using Reset’s micellar water formula balanced my complexion out greatly in a week. Usually, my skin will feel super tight and dry after cleansing which triggered my oil glands to go into overdrive. As a result, my face resembled an oil slick a short few hours later. Reset calmed my skin down, restoring the lipid barrier, which also reduced the paradoxical oil production effect. This went a long way in reducing the shine and comedones in my skin. Something which no pimple cream was able to do.

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Reset can be used as s skin-saving makeup remover as well as a facial toner.

As I became more familiar with its use, I also found new ways to use Reset. I began to use it as my makeup remover as well. I didn’t like the effect of soap in my eyes, neither did I like the idea of using a cleansing oil. I found that when I sprayed my face with Reset, then gently tissued off with cotton pads, my makeup together with dirt and grime came off perfectly!

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The irony: Micellar water doesn’t require actual water to work, so there’s no rinsing required. At times, I admit being the traditionalist that I am, I actually followed up with a cleanser but when I travel, I alwys carry a small travel size bottle to clean off my makeup inflight.

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In countries with hard water, micellar water could be your new best friend. You also might have heard (or, like me, are tired of hearing) about how French women live and die by micellar water, and—thanks to France’s harsh H2O—never let tap water touch their face. Unless they bathe in it, that’s pretty hard to do, but I am wondering if limiting my tap-water exposure to showers is benefiting my face. I’m not really sure, so until I’m rich enough to install faucets and showerheads that spew micellar water 24 hours a day, here are 5 that’ll do the trick.

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Available at SW1 Clinic or online at






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