I’m in My Mid-Twenties. Is That Too Soon to Get Botox?

I may be just 24 but lo and behold, freckles have started to surface. But they’re not stealing the show (like they usually do because they can still be cute, you know) from my frown and laugh lines today. I’m increasingly bothered by my nasolabial folds and the flirty line at the edge of my left eye.

You may be thinking, “Hey, I’ve got some serious wrinkles and I’m not complaining.” But, imagine how shocking this realisation – that youth is slipping away – must be to a mid-twenties, young, blossoming girl. As a non-smoking, teetotaler, skincare lover, I’m a little annoyed and confused that these fine lines are already entering the equation. Yes, I know I probably should have laughed less stayed out less under the sun, but shouldn’t wrinkles be reserved for your thirties and beyond?

Prominent nasolabial folds

Apparently not. Which is why many 20-somethings like myself are considering Botox as a preventive measure to keep the lines from getting worse. In fact, according to a 2016 report by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there had been a 15.3% increase in Botox procedures in the 19-34 age group alone, as compared to the previous year.

Is this wrinkle-eraser for real though? When my obsession with getting rid of my lines got too hard to handle, I spoke to Dr Low Chai Ling, Founder of SW1 Clinic, one of the largest aesthetic clinics in Singapore on whether I’m a suitable candidate for Botox and possible alternatives.


Dr Low filled me in on the concept behind preventive Botox. “People have realised that by starting non-invasive beauty treatments like Botox earlier, they can prevent signs of aging, rather than attempting to fix them after they have developed,” says Dr Low.

“Since frown lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles can be worsened due to repeated facial expressions, Botox when injected early in adult life, helps to slow down the use of these muscles, preventing lines from developing.”

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So, if the goal is prevention, what is an appropriate age to start treatment? “While there is no hard and fast rule to start using Botox, individuals in their mid-twenties who are bothered by fine lines, can benefit from preventive Botox treatments. I wouldn’t recommend getting injections any earlier than that because that’d be hardly any lines that need to be softened or erased,” advices Dr Low.

Kylie Minogue has had far too much Botox in her forehead. This has created a frozen and plastic appearance. Her right eyebrow is also higher than the left.

That said, she also highlighted the importance of finding a reputable and experienced doctor or surgeon they can trust to avoid paying for poor results. “Price should not be the primary deciding factor in getting Botox. The skills of the doctor play a very important part in the results,” warned Dr Low who has seen few cases of botched-up faces which do not look natural with frozen expressions.

“Not all facial lines are meant to be erased.”

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As the effects of Botox are temporary, Dr Low also emphasised the regimented use of skincare that includes moisturiser, serums and sunscreen to protect, strengthen and hydrate skin. She explains, “Botox, in tandem with healthy lifestyle choices such as applying sunscreen, getting enough sleep and not smoking can all help to reduce and delay the onset of wrinkles.”

SW1 Umbrella UV-Protection & Light-Diffusing Cream contains a mega dose of SPF70 sun protection in a water-resistant and matte base.

If you’re like me, hesitant to jump into the deep end that is Botox, but eager to eliminate fine facial lines, Dr Low recommends getting natural fillers. They replenish skin’s source of hyaluronic acid, promoting collagen renewal for wrinkle-free, supple and youthful skin in the long run.

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Clinical facials which employ medical-grade equipment that has proven results are beneficial too. I’m sold by the host of skin benefits ultrasound HIFU Sygmalift Technology promises (think no pain, natural yet immediate smoothening of fine lines, skin tightening and lifting) that I’ve booked myself in for a 24K Uplift Facial, which includes said therapy. Deep Red Facial which employs famed skin rejuvenation LED Red Light photomodulation therapy to boost cell renewal and skin healing for a smooth and healthy complexion is as tempting.

*Prices of Botox start from SGD$500

~ Felicia


SW1 Clinic is located on Level 13 of Orchard Paragon. Their contact telephone is 68178888. It is helmed by Dr Low Chai Ling and Dr Kenneth Lee, who also founded The Sloane Clinic in 2003. Their team of doctors who were also formerly from The Sloane Clinic include Dr Chua Han Boon, Dr Toby Hui, Dr Michelle Lim and plastic surgeon Dr Tan Ying Chien.


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