3 Ways to Get Rid of Bacne

As if having acne isn’t annoying enough, life throws us another curve ball: back acne, also known as bacne, which are bumps similar to acne but on our backs. And just like its cousin, bacne dones’t just affect teenagers undergoing puberty; it can continue well into one’s 40s. However, unlike its cousin, its abode at our backs makes it difficult to conceal with makeup. For the victims, strutting down beaches in bikinis and streets in backless dresses can seem like mission impossible. Don’t despair! We round up 3 ways to banish bacne and bring back your the sexy back.

Introduce AHAs

Treat your back the same way you treat your face. Proper cleansing is a must. “Hair products sliding down your back and not wiping perspiration off your back can clog pores and cause back acne,” says Dr Chua Han Boon, Senior Aesthetic Consultant at SW1 Clinic.

Murad Acne Body Wash combines glycolic and salicylic acids to penetrate deep into the skin to control and prevent breakouts.

Wash away the day’s dirt, dead cells and impurities with medicated body wash and antibacterial soaps. “Mild breakouts may clear within a few weeks with the use of products that contain salicylic acid and glycolic acid. These AHAs are helpful in clearing up pore-clogging dead skin cells,” explains Dr Chua.

Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap
Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap uses Grapefruit Extract to rejuvenate dull skin and extracts of Ginseng and Linden to revitalise skin.

If your skin can’t handle acne-fighting ingredients which can be harsh, try a cleanser packed with fruit extracts which are more gentle, like Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap, to exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

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sw1 clinic
Spacious interior of SW1 Clinic and Spa, one of the largest aesthetic clinics in Singapore.

Now, this gives the perfect excuse reason to book yourself a luxe spa. Spas today use various technology to provide both a relaxing experience as well as satisfying results.

Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing utilises ultrasonic wave motion to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads skin to restore clearer, softer, and more compliant skin.

“At SW1 Spa, under our Clear Blue Body treatment, we utilise fruit enzyme scrubs, ultrasonic deep cleansing as well as blue light therapy which studies have proven to be effective against P.acnes bacteria, the bacteria behind acne, to clarify skin,” says Dr Chua.

He adds that chemical peels like the Back Peels treatment which uses AHAs and BHAs promotes exfoliation too to get rid of bacne and uncover smooth and brighter skin.

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See a Derm

taking pills

If the body wash and body-cials are not cutting it, it’s time to pay a dermatologist a visit. According to Dr Chua, individuals who are prone to breakouts on the face are more likely to get blemishes on their backs.

The doctor may prescribe a stronger treatment like BenzEFoam to kill bacteria and stop the inflammatory process. Otherwise, to get moderate to severe bacne under control, an oral medication as well as topical treatments may be recommended.

Bottom line: With a myriad of breakout-busting solutions, bacne can be treated. That’s one down, and many more (skin issues) to go…

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