How To Feel Beautiful In Under 30 min

Looking and feeling beautiful is two different things entirely. Some of the most beautiful people don’t necessarily feel beautiful. If you are able to harness your beauty inside and out, you will not only exude beauty, but also confidence and allure. Some of the most attractive people in the world clearly understands that. Embracing physical ‘imperfections’ in their stride, some of the most attractive people look good despite defying conventional rules of beauty.

We ask some of the most attractive-looking people we know on what they do to feel beautiful.

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Having been a voluptuous girl all her life, Ava has never fit your usual image of a waif-thin model. Yet this professional hand model has long been sought after for her soft, fleshy hands and her easy demeanour. “When I need a pick-me-up, nothing changes my mood more than putting on a red lipstick and going out into the world.” Being no wallflower is one of her most endearing characteristic, according to Ava. In fact, she feels that the colour red is  very suited to her skin type, and putting on a bright colour elevates her mood and draws attention to her face immediately.

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Jesslyn is no party animal, but being a marketing executive in her twenties mean lots of invites to cocktails, lunches and dinners. Add this to the overtime she clocks at her work, it’s no wonder she sometimes feels drained. “I have been brought up as an only child which means a lot of time alone, which strangely I enjoy” says Jesslyn. “When I feel tired and overwhelmed, I lock myself in my bedroom, and give myself a DIY facial— complete with scrub and mask” she says. “Then I close my eyes, lie down and meditate for ten minutes. It always works for me, and I do that before a big presentation.”

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Being someone who cannot sit still, Germaine admits to being a type A personality. An ex-model who now juggles two kids with an online business, she admits she sometimes feels guilty when she is not on-the-go. “Not one to be able to sit cross-legged to breathe for 10 min, I found that when I go to my doctor’s office for my regular LED Red therapy, I come up not only with glowing skin but my mind also feels more recharged” she says. “Being somewhat ‘forced’ to lie still for 20minutes certainly has its benefits” she laughs.

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“I am an avid believer in masking to keep my skin young” says Hyun, a unbelievably youthful looking forty-something. “Not all masks are made the same, and this is one area where I do not stinge— when it comes to my skin”. Hyun reveals she uses 24K Gold mask from SW1 Clinic, an alginate based mask that solidifies into a sheet to be peeled off the skin. “The results are amazing for me” she says. “I am not a big believer in makeup, so the time I save in the morning, I use at night to give my skin a mask treat” she says.

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