How I Got Rid of My Tan in 7 Days

If you like me, love the sun but not the tan, then summer is a double-edged sword. Sometimes even lathering on copious amounts of sunscreen is not enough to keep the skin-darkening effects of UV light at bay.

But armed with a little know-how, some valuable advice from my trusty aesthetic doctor and a lot of determination, here’s how I got my fair skin back in under a week (after one regrettably foolhardy afternoon of beach volleyball).

There are many home recipes out there to help get rid of a sun tan which involves the use of lemons to potatoes but despite my best efforts, they did not get me the results I wanted. However, luckily there are some potent skin remedies which did help, and here’s what I did.

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1.  Exfoliate dead skin cells

After my nasty sunburn had subsided, my skin was a layer of dull, darkened, dry mess! What I did was use a super effective facial scrub to exfoliate the dead cells and speed up the skin renewal. I used Crystal Healing which was a great clay mask cum facial scrub to soak up all the debris and clear them off my skin. I did this every other day for a week.

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Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Post sunburn skin is dry and dull. Because I am nt a fan of heavy and thick creams, hence I used the plushest and most hydrating water-based sheet mask I could find—- Water Infusion Mask. I put this on each time after exfoliation. Left it on for 20 minutes even though the packet stated 10. Each time, I swear I could see my skin look visibly fairer.

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Serious Treatment

After masking, I lathered on a combination of two potent whitening compounds. The first is a clear water-based gel called White Plasma. It contains tranexamic acid which is an uncommon but very effective skin lightening ingredient. There is no harsh acids in this which would make my skin irritated, that’s why I love it!

Image result for clear gel on skin

Usually this would have been enough, but since this time my skin was super-uneven, I double layered Special Effects. This comes in a nice creamy texture that was not oily and had a slight opaque feel to it, so my skin looked immediately fairer upon application. I layered on some much Special Effects my skin looked white immediately after. I left that on like a think layer of face mask, and after 5 minutes about 90% of the product had soaked in, I used my fingers to gently massage the rest in. This contains mequinol, vitamin a and arbutin. I find a combination of skin whitening ingredients ensures your skin is not over-saturated with any one ingredient. Since all whitening ingredients work by different mechanisms, this ensured all your bases are covered. This was done twice daily for seven days though by day 5, I could already see that my skin was 80% better!

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I did do a skin treatment which as PDRN at SW1 Clinic. This used a cooling solution of Polydeoxyribonuceotide which was applied onto my skin with ease, before the therapist used a sound waves to expertly massage it in, ensuring top penetration ad absorption of ingredient. No needles involved! I like the concept of PDRN because it essentially repairs DNA, and after excessive sun damage, I find that it really helps my skin recover, not just in terms of colour but softness and suppleness. Its my one redemption splurge for my UV sins.



Block like no tomorrow

To ensure my skin recovers and gets lighter not darker with each passing day, I applied serious sunscreen. Sunscreens come in physical or chemical blocker types. For me, I find that the physical blockers are superior. I used Umbrella (a sunscreen with a super cute name) daily for my skin. Its water-resistant and so it requires less re-application throughout the day. Its opaque nature also means it formed a great whitening makeup base which made my foundation look twice as good.

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