I Tried Rejuran– Here’s What Happened

Let’s get one thing straight: I love all things natural. I don’t mind going the distance for my looks, but I draw the line at using anything that is remotely ‘fake’.

Perhaps that’s why despite my pitiful A-cup, I have never even considered breast augmentation surgery. Recently, I had the chance to try a DNA skin treatment called Rejuran. For those who haven’t heard of this stellar treatment, you are missing out big time.

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Rejuran is marketed as a filler but it is anything but. It contains hyaluronic acid but not the sort found in your normal filler treatment. The science is that normal fillers that plumps up the skin and adds volume to the face is cross-linked (making it more synthetic and gel like) but the hyaluronic acid in Rejuran is not cross-linked (in its natural state), therefore it does not give any volumizing effect, merely a hydrating one. So rejuran’s main effect is not to fill the face but to improve the skin health and hydration. The key ingredient in Rejuran is its anti-aging peptide, known as Polydeoxyribonucleotide or PDRN for short. Known as a building block of DNA, this peptide is touted to impart skin rejuvenation and regeneration effects on skin. In fact, its hard to put your finger on one key benefit as regeberating your DNA function can impart a myriad of benefits depending on your underlying skin. for those with wrinkles, they may find an improvement in elasticity of the skin. Others with poor healing may find improved healing of the skin.

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There’s just something about natural ‘DNA’-like molecules to repair and regenerate growth that I really took to.  I am a great believer in boosting our skin’s natural immunity and health. Take it from someone who has hopped into a dermatologist’s chair for a PRP facial, more commonly known as Kim Kardashian West’s “vampire facial” in LA.

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The tiny injections were administered quickly and painlessly into the face. Rejuran can also be done on any part of the body from the face to the hands, that is if money was not a problem for you. For me, I had the treatment on my face. Though a closet needle phobe, I must honestly say the treatment was even more painless than my PRP treatment last year, so no complaints! It took the doctor about 10 minutes to administer Rejuran to my entire face, focusing on my lackluster areas such as cheeks and chin. After that, I had a quick Vbeam laser treatment which helped speed up healing of any pin prick marks.

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The end result? The next day, I woke up and I saw a visible difference in my skin. The pin pricks that I had spotted the night before had magically faded away thanks to the Vbeam laser. But the really amazing effects came after a week. My skin was not only visibly softer but looked more like a baby than I had ever imagined. Best of all, my skin seemed to heal faster from onslaught of pimples than before. Was I imagining all these things? I am sure not. Even when I smiled, I used to have a patch of crepey skin that would fold into tiny lines at the sides of my cheeks, even that was gone. What sorcery is this?

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I sought out my doctor’s advice on whether I was hallucinating the effects and what I should be realistically experiencing after Rejuran. “There may be some redness and bruising right after, but nothing that cannot be covered with makeup” says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of renown aesthetic clinic SW1, “But after that it takes approximately two to three weeks to see improvements.”

I am not sure but if one session of Rejuran could give my skin so many positive benefits, then I am definitely up for a second session soon.

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Bottom line: If you’ve tried every product the skin-care world has to offer, Rejuran can give your complexion that added edge no skincare can impart. Dr Low recommends two to three sessions, two to four weeks apart, and says that while for most patients it can take a couple of weeks to see improvements, some patients do report immediate boost in skin hydration and glow.

Each treatment will set you back roughly $900, so if you’re wary of injections, this may not be for you. But I’ll be hard pressed to find a topical substitute that can boost your skin health Rejuran did for mine.

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