5 Mistakes That’s Costing Your Hair Its Shine

I’m no angel when it comes to grooming my hair. But in my 35 years of having long, lustrous, attention-vying locks (and a couple of mishaps along the way), I’ve come to learn quite a few things you should never do to your hair. When it comes to hair, growing a drop-dead-gorgeous mane has more to do with what you are doing than what you aren’t. And let me tell you, those things you always thought were going to help achieve that gorgeous mane? They may just be what’s preventing you from getting it.

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Rushing from dryer to flat iron.

Following a hasty blow dry with a flat or curling iron to perfect a style is likely to sizzle your strands. Women often use hot tools on their hair when it still has some moisture remaining. Ironing wet hair increases the risk of breakage. Wait a few minutes after your blow dry to make sure hair is 100 percent dry.

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Brushing wet hair.

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Putting a blow dryer to dripping wet hair is a very bad idea. So is using a round brush on hair that’s thoroughly wet. That friction frays the cuticle, leading to hair that’s damaged and flat. To keep hair healthy, blot it with a towel, then allow it to air dry until it’s about 80 percent dry. Now you can pick up that round brush and use your favorite styling technique to get super volume and shine.

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Tying wet hair.

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When we’re busy, it’s easy to throw freshly shampooed hair up into a high bun or pony. The lack of heat and brushing may be a plus, but wet ponytails and buns have a steep downside of their own. Tugging and pulling fragile wet hair, then whipping it with an elastic, is a fast track to split ends. Instead, try a loose braid or a rough finger blow dry.

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Roughly detangling tresses.

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Tangled hair should be brushed out, right? Not so fast. Brushing through knots can cause pieces — or even the entire knot — to break. Start at the tips — never the roots — using a wide-toothed comb and gently work through those knots. For hair that’s prone to snagging and snarling, apply a leave-in spray detangler after your shampoo like Unite 7 seconds.

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Neglecting your scalp.

Your hair is made of dead keratin, so no matter what you do to it, you can never restore its original texture fully. Sure, you can use hair mask to make it look and feel slightly better, but the root of your follicular health lies in your scalp. With frequent treatments, tugging and other hair abuse, you may find your hair thinning. This is the time to get your scalp much needed CPR with proven scalp restoration technology such as Revage 670 light and vitamin-infusing Revitascalp, both part of the Keramax Scalp program.

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