The New Face of Anti-Aging

Around the middle of last year, and in line with the amplified conversation surrounding diversity and body positivity, the term “anti-ageing” found itself under attack. Is “anti” an inspiring word to be using when it comes to ageing, a perfectly natural process that all of us – yes, even supermodels – undergo every second, minute and hour of every day? does a one-size-fits-all approach to skincare even make sense any more, when consumers have become so much more intelligent with regard to the multiple different aggressors our skin faces every day and the many ways of tackling them?



When it comes to looking good, skincare regimens and little black books holding the contacts of preferred facialists and aesthetic doctors are often well-guarded secrets. But we know that when women help one another, everyone wins. Here are some of the best anti-aging advice gleaned from all the top beauty experts.

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Rule #1: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Is it cliché? Yes. Is it true? Absolutely. All three experts agreed that you can never wear enough sunscreen, but prevention doesn’t stop at SPF. Smoke, pollution, and infrared radiation are all around us and can cause free radical damage that’s visible on the skin, says Dr Low Chai Ling. She also recommends a topical antioxidant, which acts as a protective barrier and helps to prevent environmental damage such as Citrine vitamin C.

Action: A sunscreen you can count on like Umbrella’s total physical block. Reverse damage with photobiomodulation therapy—- the medical grade kind not spa grade.

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Rule #2: Less Is More

The biggest pet peeve, some facialists say, is asking what skincare items her clients are using, and getting a laundry list of products. The experts agree: Half or more of what is being used is either unnecessary, not meant for that person’s skin type, or is being rendered totally unless by other products that counteract its benefits. In fact, some products are better meant for the day while others are meant for the night. According to Dr Kenneth Lee, if you’re not using your products in the correct order, they can’t properly penetrate your skin. His advice: Use different products for day and night as your skin has different needs in the mornings and evenings, but don’t put all that you have in your cupboard on your skin. Instead, spread them out for different times of the day.

Action: Best skincare for night are those with stronger ingredients that promote cellular renewal such as Age Defy and Sleep Mode. Morning products should be faster penetrating such as Pure Gold serum.

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Rule #3: Use Products & Treatments with Real Research Behind Them

There are so many beauty products to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Consider science to be your North Star. “if you are unsure about a product’s claims, check you’re your doctor” says Dr Low. Case in point: eye creams promoting brightening dark eye circles almost never work. Some conditions clearly need more than what’s in a bottle. Get on new innovations and stay up to date, don’t get caught in a time web using outdated skincare, says Dr Low. Scientists have pinpointed numerous interconnected “pathways” that promote the skin’s natural proteins, lipids, moisturization and plumping, and skin cell turnover. Sounds complicated, but it boils down to a way to create visibly firmer and more lifted-looking skin: Gold Mulberry using resveratrol.

Action: Eye Illuminator Program visibly treats dark eye circles with a combination of innovative collage boosting lasers and skin firming and dermal brightening revitalift microinjections (painless, according to fans!)

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Rule #4: Give your skin a treat once in a while

Even if you are not a fan of big time cosmetic procedures, it pays to give your skin a small treat from time to time. It can be a facial or it can be a 20-minute face mask. Your skin’s terribly resilient but taking some time-off from makeup and giving it some time to recharge keeps it in tip top shape to fight external aggressors daily.

Action: Bardot Hydrafacial detoxifies and purifies skin, with the aid of patented Hydrafacial MD technology as well as naturally sourced French magnetite masks to purge clogged pores thoroughly. It may not be for everyone but we simply love it!

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Rule #5: Don’t neglect skin off your face

Don’t ignore your neck and hands when it comes to looking youthful. “The worst beauty sin is to spot a 30-something year old face on a 60-year old neck” says Maria, a facialist in Hong Kong. If you want to look youthful like you have been blessed with good genes, make sure you extend your anti-aging care beyong your neck. However simply extending your face creams to your neck may not be enough. The skin on your neck is different than the skin on your face. Firstly, there are less oil glands on your neck, secondly, it has less fat padding and is thinner and less resilient. Lastly, neck lines is unique to your neck and is a tell-tale sign of aging.

Action: Gold retinol oil is a neck treatment that can be applied daily to nourish the skin of your neck. On testing, we love it because it uses a myriad natural organic oils that we absolutely worship— from coconut to rosehip, with a good dose of vitamin A for anti-aging effects.

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