The Newest Dermatological Face Firming Lifts That Will Change Your Look

To help the most crinkled faces, early cinematographers started “Vaselensing,” coating the camera lens with Vaseline—a practice that seems both quaint and kind in this era of HD cameras capable of discerning every pore and all but the most undetectable dermatological interventions.

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People have the mistaken notion that the true beauties of the world don’t do anything but the reality is that they just have a lot of subtle work—a little bit of everything. It’s only the bad work that we notice. According to industry insiders, celebrity patients want very slow and steady improvement rather than a dramatic change in one visit.

Shunning the traditional facelifts with the tell-tale scars, many A-listers flock to their derms’ offices to get repeated face boosting therapies to not only reverse the effects of time, but also slow down their aging process. This is possibly why movie stars seem to look the same year on year.

Here are some tricks we can learn from celebs.

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Threadlifts have gone through several revolution, falling in and out of favour with the jetsetters. Now it has made a comeback, thanks to significant upgrades: It stays in place better thanks to additional hooks, and the threads (previously tricky to remove if anything went awry) dissolve in seven months, with benefits lasting up to two years. Plus, studies have found that by repositioning skin, threads spur collagen growth in adjacent tissue. Extra-thick versions, like the new Silhouette Soft, create a more dramatic lift and can be used off-label to pull up necks, breasts, and even elbows and knees.

“The initial result is immediate, unlike lasers, which require patience,” says Dr Kenneth Lee who believes that threads can deliver, in just 30 minutes, 70 percent of the lift of a surgical facelift without the months of healing.

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For head-to-toe skin tightening, some celebs are dropping up to $100,000 for full-body ultrasound-based Ultherapy (currently FDA approved for use only on the face, neck, and chest). “The lack of downtime is key for celebrities—you don’t have to hide,” says Dr Chia Han Boon, who promises that a single session will deliver visible tightening in three months. As Ultherapy vets know, the treatment can be painful on bony areas such as the jawline, but latest pain management techniques (a more potent transdermal numbing cream and the offer of light sedation) has made this the darling of A-listers again. Dr Chua, from SW1 teams up with another doctor, an anaesthetist who specializes in ‘comfort management’ to ensure his Ultherapy results are not only superior but that the process is comfortable and smooth.

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