Best Treatments for Baby Soft Hands

Now more than ever, there’s a focus on hands. And why not? After all, faces get brighter and younger-looking with each coming season, thanks to evolving skin-care technology, why should hands not get the same TLC our faces enjoy?

According to a study, there is more reason now than ever before to care for our hands. Members of the public were asked to estimate the age of people based solely on photos of their hands, where half were ‘dry’ and the other half ‘not dry’, and 69% of respondents guessed subjects were older than their actual age when looking at the drier hands. Two even guessed the dry hands of a 28-year-old to be aged 80, while – on average – healthy hands were seen to be one year younger. Pretty harsh stuff.

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“Our hands are constantly exposed to the elements,” explains Dr Low Chai Ling, calling out harsh soaps, antibacterial lather, varying climates, and sunlight as the root causes. Most anti-aging routines include a slathering of excess serum and moisturizer onto the neck, décolleté, and earlobes, she says, but even the most thorough of patients often overlook the tops of the hands, causing a noticeable age difference between the areas.

No longer an afterthought in one’s skincare regime, interest in hand care appears to be spiking. At home and in-clinic treatments have never been better and serve to hydrate hands as well as halt signs of ageing and maintain manicures. Here’s how:

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AHA or alpha hydroxyl acids are not new kids on the block; in fact they have been around for some time. But in recent years, they have been making a comeback for use in the hands. Known to exfoliare dead cells and improve cellular turnover and collagen synthesis, they are an effective (and cheap) way to give your hands a pick-me-up without too much downtime or damage in your wallet.

What: Fruit acid peels are popular for off-face areas such as the hands, back and decollete, according to Dr Low, founder of SW1 Clinic who has been seeing an increase in patients seeking off-face skin beautification. The procedure takes 15-30 minutes and each patient gets a customized peel in accordance to their skin type and needs, and is followed by a skin soothing mask that leave skin feeling supple and soft.

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Traditionally used for the face, lasers have also been moving south in terms of its application. Now hands are also on the receiving end of various lasers. Ladies impatient for results are now abandoning hand creams for more efficacious options, harnessing the powers of latest laser technology to treat age spots and sun spots as well as to improve skin texture.

What: The best lasers to remove pigmentation are probably the new generation pico lasers. When it comes to renewing the skin and improving the texture, then skin renewal lasers such as Fraxel Light comes out top.

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largeHyaluronic acid Fillers



Probably the best kept secret of celebrities and the eternally nubile A-listers, fillers have been used off-face for years, from ear lobes to hands. As we age, the most obvious aging sign is the loss of volume in our hands. This leads to visible and unsightly veins and a loss of elasticity and suppleness.

What: Natural hyaluronic acid fillers can be easily administered via tiny injections onto the dorsum of your hands, the part that gives your age away. The results according to doctors at SW1 Clinic are almost instantaneous, owing to the volume replacement effect. There is however a continued improvement over the subsequent week as collagen is stimulated to be produced. One simple treatment can turn back your hands 5 to 10 years and results can last for up to a year, explaining why this is one of the most popular under-the-radar beauty treatment of celebs to date, according to industry sources.

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