Skin Crazes That Actually Work


Every few years, skin fads come and go, so much so that we don’t even raise an eyebrow when we are hit by the next wave of crazy-sounding beauty treatments. Slapping your ‘pectoral raisins’ for bigger breasts? Oh yeah right. Eating hair to grow hair? (yawn). But among the wave of beauty fads, there are some crazes that are here to stay. Not only do they offer insight into the next generation of beauty fixes, it shows us just how beauty goals are constantly changing with the bar being raised with the passing of every year. Here are some skin crazes you’d be wise to take note (if you haven’t already)

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cloudless skin SW1
Cloudless skin starts from a healthy well-being

They gave us sheet masks and glass skin and now the Koreans are gifting us with yet another quirky beauty trend. It’s time to get acquainted with ‘cloudless skin’ – a radiant and flawless complexion that Korean women strive for. The bizarre new buzzword denotes the ‘healthy aura’ that people radiate when their physical and emotional well-being is sky-high.

The ladies of Korea aim to emulate the skin of a child, which is free from environmental damage. Much like a child’s visage, ‘cloudless skin’ is so radiant that it’s practically transparent. Before you pooh-pooh this as another new age fad, there is actually some sense in trying to emulate “cloudless skin”. The concept is based on sound advice, starting from a good diet to plenty of prevention skincare tips.

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How to: To achieve ‘cloudless skin’, start from a diet rich in vegetables— not just the green leafy types, but indulge in veggies from a wide range of colours. Like the colours of the rainbow, the more colourful the range of your veggies, the more likely you are stocking up on the full spectrum of antioxidants needed to keep your skin looking younger beyond your years. Another tip, according to top aesthetic doctors is to use the gentlest cleanser your skin can find. Not only will you save your skin from unwanted dehydration, you are preserving your skin’s natural ceramides and lipids to ensure your skin look youthful for longer (think: gentle dry cleaning compared to harsh machine wash). Look no further than Sake Ritual created for normal to dry skin as well as Skin Gym for oily, combination skin types. These two soapless, foamless cleansers were such a hit, they sold out in two months!

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glass skin SW1
Glass skin starts from a clean clear base

Forget dewy skin. The world is now obsessed with “glass skin” — the Korean beauty technique that involves creating a gleaming, porcelain-like effect on the skin. Like a pane of clear glass, ‘glass skin’ denotes a complexion that is so clear and reflective, it looks poreless and smooth like glass. In case, you are thinking this is something you can achieve with photoshop or a filter, this glassy visage is one look that cannot be recreated with photographic tricks. You really have got to possess a gleaming complexion to pull off this look.

How to: Besides an extensive skincare regimen that ensures that your skin basics are all looked after, achieving ‘glass skin’ takes more than just a good masking. The latest Pico Smooth laser is designed with this complexion goal in mind. Using the most innovative picosecond technology, this fractionated pico smooth laser creates micro-pinpoints of collagen stimulation under your skin, this generates a cascade of complexion benefits from pore refinement to a luminous glow— all vital pre-requisites for ‘glass skin’.

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PDRN cellular facial at SW1 spa
Look younger with DNA repairing facials

Once the realm of sci-fi, ‘reverse aging’ for the skin is now a possibility for the handful who have access to such innovation. Scientists are now working with molecules capable of repairing DNA damage so that your DNA can behave in a more youthful manner. End result? Younger looking skin that behaves like its years younger.

How to: PDRN, short for polydeoxyribonucleotide, has been making headlines for its ability to boost skin healing and improve skin texture and elasticity. Proponents of natural, non-invasive aesthetics hailed it as a breakthrough for anti-aging and A-listers are now flocking to have their dose of this youth elixir in the form of in-clinic facials. Recently voted one of the best complexion enhancer of 2018, SW1 Spa’s PDRN cellular facial is one of such facials designed to target ‘reverse ageing’ fans.

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