Why Do Korean Girls Look so Young?

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Once there was J-pop, now there’s K-pop. There’s no denying that we have an obsession with all things Korean. One of the trends increasingly is to follow in the footsteps of the Korean beauties, who have astounded us with their unbelievably youthful and supple complexions that seem to defy age. In fact, the Korean contingent is leading the world in the beauty stakes, showing women that life does begin at 40 and beyond. And looking like your daughter’s sister is not only possible but a common occurrence. We look into the secrets of the Korean beauties and uncovered a few vital clues to their age-defying looks.

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When it comes to delayed gratification, there are none who are as good as the Koreans. Korean ladies do not reach for their anti-wrinkle cream at the first sign of wrinkle. In fact, many mothers regularly impart the value of preventative beauty care when their daughters are in their teens. From using sunscreen, a suitable (lighter) moisturizer and an eye cream, these are staples in a young Korean’s beauty regime even before she starts work.

We recommend: Youthful skin needs minimal care. But a lightweight hydrator can give it a brighter future. Try Sapphire serum that helps to balance out combination skin whilst protecting it against environmental aggressors.

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intensive skincare regimen for korean beauties
Koreans believe in a comprehensive skincare regime

Many ladies’ idea of a skincare regime include cleanse, tone and moisturize and nothing more than that. That’s where the great divide is. Korean ladies do not shun seven or eight step skincare regimens, often spending up to 30 minutes skillfully applying their skincare on their skins every evening. They have mastered the art of layering and turned their beauty regimen from something of a chore into a winding down ritual for the day. By taking their time and putting effort into delivering TLC for their skin, their skin responds by showing benefits that far surpasses and cursory slap and rub.

We recommend: A night routine should start with a non-drying cleanser like Sake Ritual, followed by a toner that primes the skin for greater things to come. We love Rose Ginseng facial mist for its skin balancing and anti-aging properties. Its flowery essences also helps calm and soothe stressed out skin and sets the tone for an evening of relaxation and rest.

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Koreans schedule visits to their aesthetic doctors at SW1
Korean beauties visit their aestheticians regularly

Korean beauties consider a visit to their aesthetic doctor a regular event, like one may go for a manicure or pedicure. So regular are their visits, some even put it down into their fortnightly schedule. They are a firm believer of using science and technology ot treat the skin, preferring regular light lasers rather than traditional facials. That’s not to say they forego their regular cleansing facials. Koreans are big on deep cleansing, employing a host of cleansing technologies from aquadermabrasion, hydrafacials, LED photobiomodulation lights for their skin’s long term good.

We recommend: Great skin starts from a clean base. Try Bardot Hydrafacial that incorporates a magnetic masque that draws out impurities by the power of magnetic attraction and hydrafacial for deep pore cleansing.

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pink-rating-star-512THEY SHUN THE SUN

Shun the sun to look like a porcelain skinned korean beauty
Shun the sun to look like a porcelain skinned korean beauty

You won’t catch them basking in the sun. From using sun-shielding supplements such as Heliocare to taking skin whitening supplements such as Crystal Tomato, they are no stranger to sun protection. On top of using sunscreen, most Korean beauty brands incorporate SPF into their makeup.

We recommend: BB Creams originated from Korea, but a new and improved variant incorporates skin-enhancing ingredients into the BB crème to help your skin heal and repair throughout the day.

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pink-rating-star-512THEY EMBRACE INNOVATION

Korean beauties use the latest innovative laser technology like Pico Pigment laser
Korean beauties use the latest innovative laser technology

Korean ladies won’t be caught dead using outdated technology. Apart from toting the latest Samsung phones, they seek out aestheticians with the latest laser technology for their skins. For instance, they don’t use traditional pigment lasers to lighten blemishes, they turn to Pico Pigment laser for their skin needs instead. Staying up to date with the latest technology is one of the reasons why they are so ahead of us in the beauty stake.

We recommend: Pico Smooth is an innovative variant of the Picosecond laser technology. It is essentially a fractionated pico laser treatment that has shown superior results in minimizing pores, improving the appearance of acne scars and imparting a super-smooth ‘glass’ skin type finish on the skin.

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