New Study Finds Grooming Linked To Success

As if the pressure to looking good is not mounting. For those of us who have convinced ourselves that beauty is more than just skin deep, recent news certainly have made us think twice about stepping into the office in crumpled slacks and unwashed locks.
In news that makes us roll our eyes, a recent study shows that women who focus their attention on their grooming habits (read: makeup, hair styling, wardrobe, etc.) — as opposed to, you know, their actual jobs — get paid more in the workplace. In other news that makes us roll our eyes, this doesn’t apply to men.
How you look may impact your career success, study shows

Sociologists Jaclyn Wong of the University of Chicago and Andrew Penner of the University of California at Irvine gathered data from past studies to prove how attractiveness correlates to income. The research reveals that “attractive” men and women earned more (about 20%, to be exact) than those deemed to have “average attractiveness.”

There is a gender bias when it comes to looks. For women, most of the attractiveness advantage comes from being well groomed. For men, only about half of the effect of attractiveness is due to grooming. The study found that although appearance and grooming have become increasingly important to men, beauty work continues to be more salient for women because of cultural double standards with very strict prescriptions for women. Sigh, tell us something we didn’t know.
But another interesting angle that arose from the study was that being attractive is not enough. What truly matters to get ahead in the workplace, researchers have found, is how much work you put in to amplifying your looks. It was reasoned that the amount of effort a person puts into his or her appearance signals how much effort he or she will put into other activities, like his or her job.
We ask aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons just how much effort it is to attain certain beauty standards and came up with a list of grooming checklist every high-flying executive need to check to be taken seriously.


Having clear skin helps improve first impressions and job progression chances
For those suffering from acne, clear skin isn’t a given. Dr Michelle Lim, aesthetic consultant of SW1 Clinic says “Depending on the severity of your acne, you could be looking at weeks to months of treatment to keep your pimples in check”. While oral medication is an option, treatments and skincare can provide further alternatives for those not keen to be popping pills. Purity program, which Dr Lim recommends as the gold standard skin treatment to not only clear breakouts but maintain clarity for the long run requires 6 sessions of Vbeam Perfecta and BBL at monthly intervals.
The commitment? 90 minutes every month.


Hair is associated with confidence in men
One look at your father and you know what your follicular future holds. If the males in your family are more Bruce Willis than George Clooney, then it’s time to invest in your crowning glory’s future. Dr Chua Han Boon, hair expert from SW1 Clinic, says that besides genetics, stress can also impact on hair loss. Thankfully, besides hair transplant which many deemed “putting out the fire” than “fire prevention”, a whole host of hair restoration and follicular strengthening therapies have emerged. Keramax Scalp program which uses both Revage 360 light therapies and Revitascalp scalp infusions to minimize hair loss and thicken existing hair follicles have a loyal following from those looking to reverse hair loss as well as those who wants to prevent future hair fall.
The commitment? Weekly sessions of Revage at 30 min per time is needed for the first four weeks. for maintenance, these sessions can be spaced further apart at one month intervals.


Glowing skin captivates and gives you a leg up in promotion opportunities
Skin that glows is the gold standard of every women’s beauty ideal. Achieving however takes more effort than a quick adjustment on your instagram filter. while traditional lasers focused more on problem solving (for example targeting pigment or scars), latest generation laser technology such as Pico Smooth opened up a world of possibilitieswhen it was found to be able to make complexions smoother, more refined to the ectent of having a glassy finish.
The commitment? According to Dr Low Chai Ling, who has a loyal following undergoing her signature Glass Skin Program, each laser session starts with a Pico Smooth laser and ends with either Led Red photobiomodulation light therapy or vitamin c infusion, taking up to 90 minutes per trip. Best results, according to Dr Low comes with regular sessions spaced three weeks apart for six times.

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