Is Microneedling Radiofrequency The New Generation Lunchtime Facelift?

It’s reasonable to say that non-invasive options tighten facial and other skin to a degree, but latest innovations that are use microneedling skin tightening devices push the boundaries when it comes to “facelift” results sans surgery.

One of the most promising new technologies for aesthetic treatments is the combination of two methods previously used individually for skin rejuvenation, microneedling and radiofrequency. This combination therapy, known as fractionated radiofrequency, is effective for improvement in acne and acne scars, as well as fine lines and wrinkles, both on and off the face. It can also be used for all skin types and is associated with minimal downtime and few complications.

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Traditional skin lifting devices such as Thermage deliver radiofrequency waves from the surface of the skin. The limitations are that they cannot go deep enough for certain types of sagging skins. That’s where surgical facelifts excel as they can go all the way to the muscle layer and effect a transformative lift to correct all areas of sagging. Now, innovative minimally invasive skin lifting treatments such as Profound Contour Lift are delivering deep face contouring results without having to go under the knife.

Safe for all ages, farctionated or microneedle RF delivers radiofrequency to the foudation of your facial skin for ultinate tightening without surgery

Fractional RF micro-needle technology was invented by Dr. Dieter Manstein at MGH, who initially filed for patent protection in 2004, and ultimately obtained a series of patents on the groundbreaking technology.  Syneron Candela licensed the patents, developed Profound – that implements the technology, and obtained FDA approval for sales of their RF micro-needle product in the United States.  While a series of generics soon flooded the market, they did not deliver the same type of results or have the safety profile as the former. In fact, Syneron subsequently filed a suit in April 2018 against several companies for violation of the patents, as alleged in the complaints.

Profound is a minimally invasive bipolar RF system with patented Real Time Temperature Control that utilizes 5 pairs of micro-needle electrodes, deployed into the dermis, to precisely deliver fractionated thermal injuries in the deep reticular dermis, where the concentration of collagen is the highest. Fractionated thermal zones are created within the dermis, without thermal impact to the epidermis (top layer of the skin). Thermal injury to treated areas stimulates would healing, dermal remodeling and new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid formation, resulting in visible skin improvement.

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Are all microneedle technology the same?

The simple answer is no.  For a skin lifting treatment to be effective, non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures need to trigger the dermal remodeling process, so that a global wound healing response is triggered and new elastin and collagen will proliferate. Dosimetry studies have shown that it is important to reach and maintain a target dermal temperature at an optimal range of 67°C – 74°C for 3-4 seconds. Only with Profound is it possible to accurately reach and maintain the exact thermal dose of energy (temperature and time at temperature) needed to partially denature collagen and create the fastest healing response for dermal remodeling. The Profound system incorporates temperature sensors embedded within the micro-needles and a real-time temperature feedback algorithm to reach and maintain an optical dermal temperature of 67°C for 3-4 seconds, regardless of skin impedance or thermal conditions. In other generic non-patented microneedle RF devices such as Infini, there is no temperature sensors which means that it is possible to undertreat (with inferior results) or over-treat (with disastrous side effects).

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Profound microneedle RF stimulates collagen in the skin, leading to firmer and more youthful skin.

Studies have shown that a single Profound treatment has a 100% response rate for rhytides and 95% for laxity at 6 months after treatment. Patients can return to normal activities of daily living within 24 hours after treatment. Minimal to moderate redness is to be expected with resolution within 1-2 days. Generalized edema (swelling) may occur following treatment, which resolves within 1 to 5 days. Profound treatment is associated with less downtime compared to surgical face lift in which patients experience scarring at surgical margins, erythema, edema, and bruising.

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Profound Contour Lift can be used to treat facial sagging including nasolabial folds, jowls and jawline. It also shows proven results for the neck areas, making this an all-round facelift without surgery. One session is all that’s needed to get you the lift you’ve always wanted. “But as with all microneedling RF treatments, not all technology are made the same. It’s vital to select one that has a temperature sensor to ensure not just effective results but a good safety profile,” says Dr Chia Hui Ling, plastic surgeon from SW1 Clinic.

For those of you looking to get the closest thing to facelift without the scalpel, Profound Contour Lift could be the answer for you.



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