Seeing Red – Crush Unsightly Facial Redness with These Precious Pointers

A blusher is a must-have for most ladies when it comes to their make-up routine these days. That hint of rosiness and a subtle flush that exudes a youthful, pinched look gives the face an instant lift of exuberance.

Some people have the luxury of applying and removing that blush as and when desired, but there is an unfortunate group of people that do not.

Rosacea is a scourge that plagues a select group of individuals, where there is a persistence of redness in the central parts of their faces where the cheeks and nose are, made up of a grisly amalgamation of bumps, pimples and tiny visible blood vessels.

There is absolutely nothing “rosy” about rosacea. This condition not only looks bad – it feels equally bad. Burning and stinging sensations, swelling, chafing and cracked skin are just some of the symptoms someone with rosacea has to (dis)contend with throughout the day, for as long as they’re not treated.


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Not Going To Sugarcoat It


There is one terrifying fact about rosacea that I need to be transparent with you about: the actual causes of rosacea are still UNKNOWN.

A few scientifically unsubstantiated causes like faulty immune system, genes, and impaired skin barrier functions have been thrown into the mix, but there has been nothing concrete so far.

This means that rosacea could happen to ANY OF US.

It could start with a tiny zit on your cheek, a little blemish, or a speck of pigmentation. These little facial glitches usually can set off a potential case of rosacea, but the good news is, we actually know how to prevent these rosacea triggers.

No zits, no blemishes, no pigmentation, no rosacea!


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Remedy For The Calamity


Before we introduce any form of foreign intervention, let us look at what we can do on our end to prevent all the symptoms that lead to rosacea.

Redness, acne and skin irritation are usually caused by factors such as climate and dietary choices.

Make sure you are protected from the merciless rays of the sun by applying sunblock when you step out of the house. Products like the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen and Umbrella UV are highly efficient sun-screening agents that are not harsh on the skin.

Cut down on your consumption of spicy and ‘heaty’ food as they encourage the likelihood of breakouts.

In the case of severe irritation, slather on some Calming Balm to bring some form of reprieve to irritated, itchy or pigmented skin, with its ultra-gentle and skin-protective ingredients.


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The Acid Test


There is a shroud of mystery surrounding the origins of rosacea, and the online world has been abuzz with forums and websites dedicated to people who have this condition, as they share tips and remedies to combat this condition.

One of these remedies that has been making more rounds than the others is a gel called Finacea. This multi-purpose topical gel has been lauded by many women suffering from various skin issues as an ultra-effective solution to counter blackheads, blemishes, skin irritations, acne… and of course rosacea.

The efficacy of the Finacea gel lies in its predominant active ingredient: azelaic acid. In no way related to pop star Iggy Azalea (sorry, I just had to), this natural ingredient does share the same superstar qualities as Iggy when it comes to skin repair.

Azelaic acid functions as a very gentle exfoliant that aid in unclogging pores, diminishing the appearance of acne scars and skin blemishes, reducing skin sensitivity, and evening out the skin tone. I’d go on, but I’m sure you get it now. This acid is THAT potent.

Skin boosters like the Paula’s Choice Azelaic Acid Booster and SW1’s Skin Rescue Clarifying and Balancing Cream pack a very healthy dose of azelaic acid, along with other nutrient-laden ingredients to ensure one application alleviates multiple skin ailments.


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(V)Beam In Perfection


Rosacea, like many other skin conditions come in varying stages of severity. What was shared earlier might have you covered during the prevention, early, or intermediate stages of this condition, but when things escalate… the big guns have to be called upon.

There are no lack of professional skincare treatments out there, but few have been definitive enough in fighting and conquering rosacea.

Programs like the Harmony Skin Program and Vbeam Perfecta are specially designed to relieve the obtrusive redness and hyperpigmentation caused by more advanced stages of rosacea, mending broken capillaries and soothing skin irritation and acne inflammation.

Combining pulsed laser technology, deep cleansing facials and vitamin C boosts, these treatments are intense in their purpose of treating and returning your skin to its youthful glory, but non-invasive enough for it to be a therapeutic and refreshing experience.


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