Binging Without Whinging: How To Detox Your Body In Just 24 Hours

You’ve already made up your mind to have a club salad with a fruit juice for lunch, when an email comes in informing you that there will be a birthday lunch for your boss’ 60th birthday today, at a seafood buffet restaurant. Following that, drinks at the bar downstairs after work in the evening.

Your brain goes into a mild state of shock upon digestion of this new information. You love seafood and are always down for a drink or five…but this is supposed to be your “eat clean” week!

Food and drink guilt slowly start to creep in as you know you will be consuming more food and alcohol than you have planned to. You cringe at the prospect of looking like a bloated whale in your dress the next day, but the thought of the scrumptious lobster and wine buffet seduces you into thinking it’ll all be okay.

Is it going to be okay, though? Oh, the woe!


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The Aftermath


The scenario I just painted above might not be what exactly transpired, but the food and drink guilt from a day of loading up on sinful food and drinks is very much real – and happens to the best of us.

The morning after brings about a tinge of regret, and the impertinent need for detoxification. The urge to purge is real, as a night of binge-eating or drinking brings about bloating, fatigue, weight gain and in the long run, a broken-down metabolic system.

You need to get the toxins out of your system, pronto.


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Sleep Well Before You Swell


Slumber has always been one of our body’s most effective ways to heal and reset, and an essential part of the detoxification process. It has been known to aid in weight loss, reduce cortisol and stress levels, and general improvement in health.

Sleep is one of the better things in life that’s absolutely free, so try to allow yourself a 10-hour block of sleep after an eating and drinking bender.


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Fluid Motion


Hydration, like sleep is an integral cog in the detoxification wheel. Have yourself a nice big glass of plain water upon waking up to kick start the digestive tract into detoxification mode.

Plain water aside, there are a host of equally efficient fluids that can help in the removal of toxins in your body. Lemons are known to be rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, and greatly aids in digestion.

Make yourself a drink of hot water and freshly squeezed lemon juice, to speed up the exodus of poison in your system.

Tea is also known as a very reliable ally to combat the toxins in your body. Another quality beverage rich in antioxidants, tea comes in handy in boosting the natural cleansing process of your body.

Detoxification teas like lemongrass, ginger and milk thistle even contain properties that sustains and enhances the health of your liver, the main “port of authority” for the outflow of toxins from your body.

A cup of tea in the afternoon after your lemon juice-water combo in the morning will optimize the detox process.

Supercharged stand-ins for water like the Purification 1-Day Cleanse supplement will add a potent twist to your hydration schedule throughout the day, and enhance the healing process of your body.

Chock full of nourishing herbs that stimulate your detoxification pathways and promote toxin elimination, this supplement also cleanses the blood and fortifies your immune system. Just add the 4-ounce potion into a gallon of water and drink it throughout the day.


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What Goes In, Must Come Out


Even though you feel like you’ve eaten a month’s quota of food the day before, it is still necessary to fill your stomach with some solid food.

Food containing fiber, protein and iron rank high on the recommended list because they greatly aid in your bowel movement, which is a much-needed process if you want the poison out of your system…literally.

Rice, buckwheat, lentils, split yellow and green peas, almonds, organic turkey and chicken, sardines and lamb are some of the examples of food that you should load yourself with, to facilitate the exodus of all the bad stuff from the previous day. You can find a more extensive list of recommended food items here.

Binge-eating and drinking can also mar the efficiency of your digestive system and in turn cause irregular bowel movement. If you feel “fat” or bloated all the time, you’re probably suffering from indigestion – and in turn, weight gain(!).

Bowel regulators like the Daily Cleanse consists of 17 of nature’s most powerful digestion-optimizing herbs, designed to gently support the liver and kidney in relieving your body of toxins faster, and reduce gas, bloating, and digestive upset along the way.


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