Be In Love With The Shape Of You: Get Your Ideal Face Shape Without Surgery

It is a virtue to not take everything at face value, but it really is not easy to do so. Our face is easily the most valuable aesthetic asset we have.

First impressions are made, deals are won or lost, relationships forged or shattered, all upon seeing a person for the first time. This is the reason why we take so much time to prep our faces before stepping out of our house, just to give the world out there a better version of us.

So it comes as no surprise that we also have high standards for how our faces are shaped. Some of us might feel that our faces are too round, and round means we’re getting a little chubby. Other might feel that their faces are too squarish and appear to be more masculine than even their boyfriends’.

There are many other face shapes out there, but not as many content people who own them. Fortunately, there is actually no need for any drastic surgical measures to “customize” their faces to their liking.

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Don’t Frown If It’s Round


If you feel like your face is getting rounder, you might also find that your pants or skirts are getting a little tighter and harder to maneuver into. It could be time to shed a few pounds.

One of the reasons why your face might appear rounder than usual could be because of bloating due to water weight, and the irony of it all is to adequately hydrate yourself to eliminate this problem. Drinking more water enables your body to reach its peak hydration levels and prevent yourself from retaining water weight.

In addition, watching your diet, cutting down on your sugar intake and adopting an exercise regime could also speed up weight loss as well.

Supercharge this process with treatments such as  Body Shape By Thermage, a non-invasive fat-busting treatment that utilizes radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells, removing excess fat and tightening the skin in the process.

Once the pounds are shed, that coveted jawline you’ve been missing for the longest time will start to make its appearance, much to your delight.


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Be There, Don’t Be Square


A “V” or an oval is usually the shape of choice for most ladies out there, but unfortunately there are more out there who sport a masculine, squarish jawline.

A squarish jawline could be attributed to a few factors: the prominence of the masseter (muscle used for chewing food) due to genetics, larger jaw muscle due to eating or gum-chewing habits, or involuntary grinding of the teeth during sleep (bruxism).

While the natural option to look more feminine and do away with the squarish jaw is plastic surgery, technological advances have opened doors for enhancements that will not bear the after-effects of swelling, redness, and bruising going under the knife can bring.

Doctors in Korea (where else, really?) have recently discovered that Botox has the ability to reduce the strength and action of the masseter muscle and pioneered the use of Botox injections to shrink the jaw muscles.

Since the adoption and success of this procedure, aesthetic doctors worldwide, including Singapore have also taken up this fuss-free, low downtime procedure to successfully alter the jawline of patients.


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The “V” In Ravishing


It is in our nature to want to do better, look better, and to continue striving for perfection, and aesthetic perfection these days comes in the form of a V-shaped face.

Korea is once again the home to the beginnings of this trend, with megastars like Goo Hara and Park Shin Hye leading the charge with their perfectly sculpted mugs.

This trend found worldwide traction when the K-pop and K-drama frenzy hit dizzying heights worldwide. The V-shaped face has become the much sought-after beauty goal for all entrenched in the K-culture, and eventually for the curious observers who are not.

Going under the knife has been the natural choice for all who wish to achieve this, and while some have succeeded, there have also been a significant number of botched surgeries with irreparable damage.

The good news is, there are now “knife-free” procedures available in the market to help you to achieve this look. The V-Sculpt Facial Program is a three-pronged, minimally invasive suite of treatments packaged into one… to not only sculpt your face, but lift, smoothen and repair it as well.

If you ever did wish you could achieve your beauty goals without the pain and the downtime… let’s just say the beauty gods have heard you. Consider it done!


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