Gutbusters: Leading-Edge Fat Busting Treatments That Actually Work

One of the greatest lamentations of an individual losing weight is how they’re starved (pun intended) for prominent results.

 They’ve put in the sweat in the gym, and powered through the muscle aches. Curbed all the sugar and carb cravings, and stuck to their healthier, blander diets. But each time they step on the weighing scale, the numbers constantly disappoint.

Why are some diets ineffectual? What is causing weight gain even after all the exercising and dieting? Why do love handles not go away no matter how much cardio you put in? So many burning questions about burning fat… so little time!


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Nothing Lost, Something Gained


Religiously sticking to your diet unfortunately does not guarantee weight loss anymore. The whole system that you’re adopting might work for some, but might not work for you.

This is because everybody has a different metabolic rate, and a variety of factors affect how efficient your body is at burning fat.

One of the most famed ways to diet is to restrict your caloric intake. Unbeknownst to most, this method of dieting might work for OR against you.

When your body is deprived of the regular intake of sugar, the system goes into a little bit of a “shock”, which actually causes your metabolic rate to slow down. This means you will actually take longer to burn fat…even without indulging in your favourite frosting-heavy cupcake.

In more advanced cases, the metabolic rate dips to a level where you are actually piling on the weight, because you are still consuming food that your body is struggling to digest. This is further exacerbated by one of the side effects of dieting – which I will further explain next.

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I’d Like To Clear My Bowels Please


Deprivation of carbohydrates, or dieting in general can also bring about a series of undesirable side effects, and one of these side effects might be hindering you from dropping the pounds.

When your body is deprived of sugar or scheduled food intake, the body absorbs more water from the colon as a form of “defense mechanism”. This form of dehydration naturally gives rise to constipation.

When your body is not clearing out the toxins from your body via your bowels, weight loss is minimal or close to none…because your poop is keeping the weight on, literally.

“Overhaul” and restore some normalcy to your digestive system by going on a detox. A supplement like the Purification 1-Day Cleanse contains nourishing herbs that aid in toxin elimination and help to cleanse your blood, restoring your metabolism in the process.

Pair the supplement with the Daily Cleanse, a bowel regulator containing natural herbs that optimizes hydration and digestion, and kickstart the purging of the bad stuff – and maybe drop a few pounds along the way too.


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You Can’t Handle The Truth


The truth is, as much as we love to shed all the weight in the right places (keep the butt and boobs please!), some of the areas that bulge just wouldn’t budge.

One of the most common areas that is notoriously difficult to trim down are the love handles. Though affectionately named as such, none of us actually have any love for it, I believe!

The simple explanation as to why love handles are so hard to lose, is because of the hefty concentration of fat cells in that area. The sides of your torso where the love handles reside have the highest percentage of fat cells, and naturally are the hardest to lose.

While you concentrate on more effectively trimming down your waistline, hips and thighs, your love handles might require some foreign intervention.

With the advent of cutting-edge technology in the beauty world, non-invasive treatments like the Coolshape have emerged as one of the most effective area-specific fat-busting options on the market.

Performed using the avant-garde Zimmer technology from Germany, this procedure targets multiple problem spots in one sitting, breaking down stubborn fat deposits by reducing the temperature of the selected areas.

Sticking to your dieting regime while undergoing the Coolshape procedure will result in a more well-distributed form of weight loss, and all in the right places too!

Do one better for your self-confidence with the newfound svelte frame by tying up some “loose ends”. Weight loss inevitably brings about some areas with loose skin, particularly where you’ve observed some fat loss.

A program like the Supermodel Sixpack is a fitting next step in your transformation, aptly named for its prowess for tightening and firming loose skin, and contouring and toning the body – by way of a soothing and therapeutic massage.

Sweat buckets in the gym for a few months, or doze off during a massage and wake up to a brand new you? Absolute no-brainer there!


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