Could The Microneedle RF Treatment Be The Best Facelift You’ve NEVER Had?

Hollywood has long been the gold standard for the mass market when it comes to beauty. Red carpet events are known platforms to showcase the beauty and the perpetual perfection of the celebrities gracing us with their presence.

These celebrities are only human though. The sands of time rough them up just like they do us, but their upper hand is the fact that they are kept up to speed on all the procedures and treatments that keep them camera and big screen-ready.

From botox to laser treatments, fillers to facelifts, Tinseltown has the first-hand scoop on what’s new and what’s due.

In recent times, the microneedling RF (radiofrequency) procedure has surpassed the very oft-practiced botox or laser treatment as a more viable anti-aging alternative, with hordes of A-list celebrities flocking for a quick fix before their big events.

Well if Jennifer Aniston swears by it (and she looks like THAT at 49), it should really work right?


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Microneedling RF: Explained


Microneedling RF is a skin resurfacing procedure that employs the use of miniscule needles to penetrate the skin, in turn stimulating the formation of collagen and creating an avenue for skin-nourishing nutrients to penetrate deeper into the recesses of your skin.

The size of the needles ensure that the whole process is less invasive and comes with less pain and side effects a botox or laser procedure brings.

The results that a microneedling RF procedure bring include smoother and plumper skin, eradication of fine lines and wrinkles, and evening of skin tone.


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Is Microneedling RF Really THAT Good?


Naturally, the hype generated from new aesthetic procedures replacing the tried and tested ones will bring about its own share of skeptics, perennial rainers of the parade. It is therefore important to dispel the truths from the unsubstantiated speculations.

“Microneedling leaves prominent holes in the skin.” – Any involvement of needles during a procedure will naturally bring about punctures, but microneedling is named as such for a reason: the punctures caused by microneedles are well, micro.

These ‘holes” caused by the procedure are so tiny, they are not visible to the naked eye. There may be a hint of a flush, but nothing that will make your face look like it’s been pricked with a thousand needles.

“ Microneedling is too dangerous to be done around the eyes or lips.” – While this might be true during the first introduction of this procedure, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and this is no longer true.

This procedure is now being widely performed around the lips and eyes, upon request. A different device has to be used for these specific areas, because the skin around the eyes and mouth is thinner than the other areas of the face.

The benefits of microneedling around the eyes and lips are equivalent to that of a general facial microneedling procedure, and when combined provides your overall visage with a more balanced and pronounced lift.

“This procedure brings nothing else to the table other than its anti-aging benefits.” – While some of you lucky ones have not (yet) succumbed to the horror that are wrinkles, saggy skin or fine lines, it is premature to deem microneedling irrelevant as a beauty treatment.

While more prominently known for its anti-aging prowess, one of the more obscure benefits of this procedure is its efficacy against the war on acne.

The collagen-enhancing qualities of microneedling, coupled with the delivery of retinols help to greatly diminish the appearance of stubborn acne scars, and soothe the angry-red appearance some scars give off.


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Beauty Is Also Neck Deep


Select microneedling RF procedures like the Profound Contour Lift even treats an area of the skin that is often neglected, but tells a very vivid tale of aging – the neck.

Neck wrinkles can easily add on a good ten years to your actual age and are more prevalent in some individuals than others. The picture above explicitly depicts how neck wrinkles can pile on the years.

This Profound Contour Lift not only treats sagging cheeks and jowls, but gives attention to your neck, creating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid required to tighten and firm the skin around it, greatly lifting your overall appearance.


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