Ulthera Motive: 4 Reasons Why Ultherapy Is The Ultimate Skin Booster

As we enter the business end of a year that is no longer new, we have to contend with the fact that we are aging at quite an alarming rate.

Add one more year to your current age, and you’ll realize that you actually sound WAY older than you actually are.

As your age counter rises, the quality of your skin starts to fall. Gravity, with its vice-like grip has somehow managed to pull your skin closer to the earth, and you find your self-confidence starting to droop… along with your cheeks, your neck and your jawline.


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Why The Sag Face?


Collagen and elastin are two important components that keep your skin resistant against the pull of gravity and the horrors of aging in the earlier stages of your life.

Your body starts off at peak efficiency in collagen and elastin production in your younger years, which explains why your skin feels more supple and firm when you were 18, teenage acne notwithstanding.

As you age, the collagen and elastin factory line in your system starts to get a little weathered and sluggish in its production. This causes your skin to lose its “spring”, as the quantity of collagen and elastin produced is inadequate in defending your skin against the pull of gravity and other elements.

 What follows is the noticeable loss of density of your skin, as it gets thinner and loses its luster. The thinner skin starts to get loose gradually, and can be observed around your cheeks, area around the eyes, and even the neck.

With topical creams that promise to lift you from your saggy woes being a dime a dozen out there, results borne from applying these creams have been varied and not definitive enough to warrant guaranteed success.


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The Ultimate Therapy


Pioneered by the doctors of one of the most esteemed aesthetic clinics in Singapore, the Ultherapy treatment is the answer of answers to all of your skin-sagging woes.

A breakthrough procedure that employs the use of medical ultrasound for cosmetic improvement of the skin, this procedure dives deep into the echelons of your skin, working its magic from within without harming the outer layer of your skin.

What sets Ultherapy apart from all of the run-of-the-mill skin firming/tightening procedures out there? Here are a few brief but utterly convincing ways Ultherapy effectively brings an end to the reign of saggy skin, and ushers in the new era of youthful, glowing and exuberant complexions.

Short procedure, long-term benefits. The prowess of Ultherapy does not end at skin firming, smoothening and lifting; its benefits stretch far beyond what you see on the surface. The ultrasound energy emitted from the procedure also stimulates the growth of collagen, and your skin actually undergoes a form of conditioning, while being firmed up and lifted.

 Perpetual comfort, minimal pain. Ultherapy upholds the “therapy” part of its name, for its non-invasiveness during treatment. No scalpels, injections, burning sensations or any form of discomfort associated with surgical procedures. Lie back in comfort and wake up looking and feeling a decade younger.

Multiple areas, one sitting. Loss of skin density and sagginess occurs in various parts of your face, right down to your neck. While many might expend copious amounts of time and money to go through multiple procedures for different parts of the face, Ultherapy is a one shot, one kill solution that tackles various areas all in one 60-minute session.

One cure to rule them all. Ultherapy does not discriminate; it is designed in a way that caters to everyone one, with any kind of skin. Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin… this procedure can still work its magic without causing any form of irritation to the skin.


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