Complexion Boosters Are Trending Right Now. If You Didn’t Know Then, You Heard It Here First.

I am sure all of us are a little guilty of a bit of pedestrian people-watching. There is this little comment section we fill up that goes on in our heads when we people-watch too.

 “Wow, I like her dress…I wonder where she got it.”

 “My goodness, look at her figure. I wish I had more boobs!”

 “This girl is so pretty… such a pity about her complexion though.”

Now I would like to particularly bring your attention to the last comment made about the pretty lady with the poor complexion.

The truth is, there are many women out there who have the same issue – blessed with good looks, but marred by poor complexion inherent from environmental factors and age.

It doesn’t have to be just acne; it could range from anything from pigmentation, fine lines, or wrinkles.

THIS is the exact reason why complexion boosters are the in-thing these days.


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For The Lucky Ones


Complexion boosters are what I would call putting a little “varnish on the tarnish”; making the good great, and really bringing out the full potential of your face, and doing away with the little kinks that might dampen its appearance.

If you are worried about your complexion, but have not suffered from any of the skin ailments mentioned earlier (lucky you!), you might want to take some preventive measures to preserve the quality of your complexion.

Sunblock is absolutely essential in topical countries like Singapore, so shield yourself with some waterproof sunscreen before you head out, before the lethal UV rays dries up your skin and gives you unsightly fine lines, wrinkles and even pigmentation.

Exfoliate thoroughly after your day, and make sure there is a night cream you can rely on that will keep your skin nutrient-fed and hydrated throughout the night, when your body is in repair mode.


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Damage Control


For the not so fortunate ones who have already fallen victim to acne, wrinkles and the works, this is where these complexion boosters come into the fray.

Well received because of the brevity of the treatments and the visible results right after, many have tried and made a recurring habit out of it.

With that said, here are some of the most well-received complexion boosters of today.

The Revitalift.

It is all about the hyaluronic acid. The collagen-hyaluronic acid combo is what keeps your skin tight, smooth and supple. Aging and environmental factors tend to deplete and stunt the body’s natural production of these two components, and Revitalift helps to replenish this deficit…and then some.

For anyone who has lost the lustre and colour in their skin, and are experiencing loss in skin density and sagging, the Revitalift procedure is simple in execution and solution.

Drops of pure hyaluronic acid is introduced into your skin, on the affected areas via a very fine needle, with the aid of anaesthetics. The procedure is virtually painless, and usually takes an hour to complete.

Resume your activities right after treatment because of the zero-downtime, and observe your skin get plumper, tighter and turn a healthier shade within the week.

This procedure can also be performed on the undereye, for treatment of dark eye circles.

 Full Bloom Program.

Image result for full bloom program sw1

This is what I would like to call a “package deal”. A specially curated program targeted to tackle multiple issues in one go, this could be your go-to solution if you have more than one bone to pick with your skin.

You start off with the leading-edge Broadband Laser treatment (BBL), an ultra-efficient procedure that not only obliterates acne and the bacteria that causes it, it also effectively combats the pigmentation of the skin, and minimizes the production of sebum, which are the oils that our skin secretes that causes blocked pores and acne.

You will next be subjected to the spa-like therapy that is Aquadermabrasion, a hydrating facial that will detox, prep and prime your skin to reinstate the luminous glow of your storied youth.

Following the replenishment of moisture to your skin, the Oxy Shot will deliver highly concentrated oxygen molecules to the core of the epidermis, instantly stimulating the regeneration of skin cells and healing weakened tissues. Acne and skin inflammation of any kind will be a distant memory after you get “shot”.

All these procedures that make up the Full Bloom Program can be performed a la carte as well, if you just have a few minor tweaks to make to get the perfect complexion.

Get your boost, and rule the beauty roost!


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