Meet the Dark Horse That Will Lead You To Glory In The Beauty Race

Let me first start off by wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! May you find solutions for all your resolutions, and surpass your achievements of the past year, this year.

A good way to kickstart the new year is to arm yourself with more confidence to take on the challenges of the way. The key to exuding that confidence is by looking good. Looking good means you feel good, and when you feel good, all things are within the proximity of accomplishment.

Be it adopting a brand-new skincare regime, improving the consistency of said regime, or sticking to a weight-loss plan, there are admittedly some areas of the face that may require more than topical assistance.

One of these lesser-known, but extremely impactful areas that can make or break your appearance is the nose.


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The Bridge to Beauty


Rhinoplasty, colloquially known as the nose job is one of the most performed plastic surgery procedures in the world.

Everyone is aware of the impact the size of your nose and the structure of your nose bridge impacts how you look, but many still undermine the impact it makes to your facial appearance.

A little visual aid will definitely put things into clearer perspective:


This is a before-after picture of Sunny, one of the members  from prominent K-pop group Girls’ Generation.

There is an astounding gulf in class between the picture on the left and the right; I had to do a double take to actually convince myself that these two are the same person

It is pretty evident that there is a significant amount of work that has been done on Sunny. From the reshaping of her face to the K-Beauty industry standard “V”shape, another stark augmentation to her visage can be observed on her nose.


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Who Nose?


The first piece of nasal work as per the image of Sunny is quite prominently the sharpening of her nose.

If you have a sharp face, but a broader nose, the skewed proportion tends to give your face a very flat appearance, and also dulls the rest of your facial features.

The sharpening of Sunny’s nose perfectly complements the sharpening of her face, lending more balance and harmony to her facial features.

Another stark alteration made to her nose would be the narrowing of her nose bridge. A wide nose bridge sticks out like a sore thumb, and is an unpleasant distraction from the rest of your features if you have a sharp face, and makes your face look bigger than it should if you have a rounder face.

These two procedures Sunny underwent on her nose, along with others done on her face, make her almost unrecognizable compared to her pre-fame photos these days. I say that in the best way possible.

Would she been this picture of perfection if she left her nose as is? Imagine the nose in the “then” picture, on the “now” picture.

NOPE, she wouldn’t, for sure!


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No Pain No Gain


Sunny from Girls’ Generation is not the only Korean celebrity that has gone under the knife to breathe (I just had to, sorry) new air into her appearance and appeal.

Scores of other celebrities, not limited to just Korean have been enlightened with the knowledge of what a nose job will do to their face, and have wasted no time in surrendering to the scalpel.

With invasive procedures like nose jobs however, downtime is definitely inevitable. The average period of downtime for a nose job is typically 2 weeks, but it is the swelling and bruising around the eyes that will be a little tough to bear.

Other possible risks of this procedure include difficulty breathing through the nose, recurring nosebleeds or even permanent scarring.

This is a reason why most who err on the safe side of caution will find themselves hesitant to undergo a procedure like that – even if they know they need it.


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Scraping The Scalpel


As we continue breaking the barriers of technology at breathtaking speed, the beauty industry are reaping from the benefits of it.

Where pain used to be just a standard “processing fee” for aesthetic surgery procedure, the advent of technology is slowly and literally taking the pain away – even for nose jobs.

Non-surgical, no-downtime procedures like nose fillers have the ability to shape and sculpt your nose through FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers have taken the beauty world by storm. The fillers are administered through microinjections, which essentially means “micro pain”. Knife, or microneedle? Pretty much a no-brainer there!

Another popular alternative to the nose fillers is the Infinity Nose Threadlift procedure, where the bridge of your nose and the tip of your nose are subjected to you guessed it, a lifting via nutrient-loaded threads, put in place to sculpt the nose to be perfectly proportionate with the shape of your face.

These two procedures are your best shots at upping your beauty ante by way of your nose. For maximal results, it is definitely preferable to consult your friendly aesthetic doctor for a consultation as to which procedure your nose shape is more well suited for.


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