Newsflash: There is No Longer A Gender Disparity When It Comes to Vanity.

Women have long been regarded as the leaders when it comes to preening and pouting in front of the mirror.

Vanity seems to be a gene women are born with. We take a lot more pride in our appearance than the men, who in some cases are just glad to have clothing on their backs.

After a long-running period of chastisement from female counterparts for not taking better care of their complexion and extending their grooming regime beyond haircare and building muscle, this gap has been very adequately bridged in recent time.

Safe to say, men are now as vain as women. (Did someone say gender equality?)


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Mirror Image


In recent times, market surveys by renowned universities and articles by global media giants like Forbes have produced fascinating results about body image and sale of grooming products, respectively.

The survey conducted by the university actually yielded some very interesting findings. For women, overall appearance came in a humble third on the scale of factors that determine life satisfaction.

For men, overall appearance came in a strong second, only preceded by financial satisfaction. This study seems to conclude that men actually are more appearance-conscious than women.

Another June 2018 report coming out from Forbes turned out some interesting sales statistics from the men’s grooming market.

Owing to the recent beard/stubble trend, the once-effervescent shaving product market has declined by 1.1% annually from 2012 to 2017. In contrast, the sales of men skincare products had spiked by 7.2% in the same period. This spike turned into a surge from 2017 to 2018, checking in at a whopping 11%.


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Coping with the Demand


The male vanity trend has not gone unnoticed amongst the relevant market players, of course.

Major skincare brands like L’Óreal and Neutrogena have swiftly jumped on the male skincare bandwagon by introducing male ranges of their products in a bid to tap into this newly charted territory.

Changes have also been rung around the aesthetics industry as well. Female-centric offerings like facials, laser treatments and scalp therapies have since evolved and undergone a fresh coat of branding and marketing into male-driven products to satiate the growing demand for men who want to look good.

Let us highlight some of the gender-friendly beauty products and treatments that are currently in the market.


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Hers + His


For Her: Clinque Pore Refining Solutions Stay-Matte Hydrator

One of the staple products from skincare giants Clinque, the name of the product says it all. Oily skin has been the bane of a woman’s existence for the longest time, and this product hydrates the skin, while controlling sebum production.

For Him: Clinque Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer

 Clinque’s men’s range are relative newcomers in the “For Him” market, but this product shows that men are equally concerned about oily skin as well. Serves almost an identical purpose as aforementioned product, but at a higher price point.


For Her: Baby Skin Program

 This program containing 4 different skin-healing and nourishing treatments is catered predominantly for women who yearn for a smoother, refined and brighter complexion, reminiscent of a Photoshop airbrushed effect.

Fair and smooth skin is pretty much still on the priority list of all women out there.

For Him: The Boardroom Program

With enhanced emphasis on facial wellness for the modern male, this freshly minted program combines the timeless cornerstone of male grooming that is hair, with the new gold standard that is a healthy complexion – all in less than an hour.

With male pattern baldness more prevalent in men than in women, this program combines a scalp revitalizing treatment with a microlaser skin smoothening and illuminating procedure that ensures quality all around.


For Him and Her: Facial Cocktails

 There is no gender specification for this this beauty fix, that is the latest and arguably the first of 2019.

Putting a fancy spin on the operative procedure of conventional facials, Facial Cocktails are bespoke in every sense of the word; they are fully customizable to the client’s liking.

Set in an environment resembling an upscale cocktail bar located at SW1 Clinic’s newest outlet at OUE Downtown, Facial Cocktails are the answer to everyone running tight schedules, with an extensive suite of multi-purpose facial treatments up for selection, each clocking in at only 60-70 minutes.

The good news is, going for facials doesn’t have to be a “all-girls” activity anymore. Drag your boyfriend, husband or male bff along – don’t be surprised if you meet with little or no resistance at all.


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