5 Fabulous Lessons We All Can Learn from “The Fab Five” from Queer Eye

YASSSSSSS! I am writing this to drum up the hype for the 3rd season of the much-acclaimed Netflix reboot of Queer Eye, which will premiere on the 15th of March.

For those who have never heard of the show Queer Eye or the Fab Five, come on. Really?

Well, you’re gonna thank me for having two seasons of something to binge-watch this weekend!

Brief premise of the show: Five queer guys specializing in 5 different makeover (in their words, make better) disciplines set out around America on a quest to break stereotypes, build confidence, and even before Marie Kondo, spark joy in the lives of a lucky few people who have the “light”, but can’t find their “shine”.

Simply put, a reality format makeover series with sass, pizzazz, loads of hugs and even more heart. Make sure your tissues are within proximity.

Chock full of life lessons and mantras we can live by, these five guys have been the most entertaining conveyors of self-belief and self-love, and we have much to learn from them – all five of them.


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Karamo Brown – The “Culture” Expert

“Most people have never been listened to, and they’ve never been asked questions that they want to be asked.”

Licensed psychotherapist and social worker Karamo Brown personally hates the “culture expert” title bestowed upon him by the mass media, but has embraced it anyways while taking his role in a different direction, displaying the adaptive quality we all need in our lives.

Personally preferring to be known as a life coach, therapist or counselor of sorts, Karamo is renowned for his ability to reach into the show’s makeover subjects and tug at their heartstrings, getting them to open up… and well up.

Amidst all the waterworks that ensue and the comforting embrace that always follows after, there is always the constant underlying value he hopes to impart to the subject and all watching the show – the importance of self-care.

Grooming is an integral part of self-care according to Karamo, and he often talks about the esteem-heightening effect of being well-groomed.

He is not wrong of course. You can literally observe his subject adopt a more confident posture – right after Karamo dusts off the cobwebs of their inner and outer beauty, something he believes everyone has.


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Antoni Porowski – The Food and Wine Expert

“Food can offer a moment of pure emotional pleasure in an otherwise hard and difficult world.”

Chef, TV star and model Antoni is often observed to be the quietest one out of the otherwise boisterous Fab Five. His influence is silently efficient, and pivotal in the makeover subject’s journey to betterness.

He prefers to let the food do the talking, helping each episode’s makeover subject prepare specially curated and designed dishes for the “big reveal”, the segment where the new and improved subject reveals the new him/her to family and loved ones.

Other than creating simple, tasty and aesthetically pleasing dishes that can be replicated off the camera, Antoni places a special emphasis on healthy eating.

Most of the ingredients Antoni uses for his food are low-fat, and heavy on the antioxidants. With most of the makeover subjects carrying a little “excess baggage” due to binge-eating or drinking, these antioxidants play a huge role in the detoxification process, something Antoni swears by in cleansing and rebooting the system.

Antoni serves (pun intended) us a lasting reminder that food is a sensory experience, and the occasional over-indulgence is fine – as long as you got your detox plans locked down.


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Bobby Berk – The Design Expert

“Even if you’re not ready to live at your full volume, turn it up halfway and get there.”

Bobby Berk is the resident landscaping and interior maestro of the group. Already taking great strides in altering the cultural landscape by starring in his own TV show, Bobby Berk is the piece that completes the very holistic makeover puzzle.

While most makeover shows either focus on specifically a person or a person’s home, Queer Eye’s all-round makeover approach makes Bobby a very useful addition to the team.

On top of a keen eye for interior design and decluttering, Bobby probably has the tightest of timelines amongst the rest of the guys; working on a whole apartment is definitely more tedious and time-consuming than working on a person.

He always knocks it out of the park though, infallibly turning messy and uninspiring living spaces into havens that exude positivity and good vibes, befitting of the makeover subject’s newfound persona and fresh perspective on life.

A good living space puts one in a good head space, and Bobby’s innovation and superior time management while working with limited resources is a trait all of us can strive to have.


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Tan France – The Fashion Expert

“Style is dressing the way that you feel confident and what is appropriate for you, your age, your body type.”

Clothes maketh a man, and boy does Queer Eye’s fashion expert Tan France know it.

A fashion designer hailing from Doncaster, England, Tan has big shoes to fill: he is in charge of completing the makeover of a subject, by choosing the right kind of fabric “garnish” for them.

Setting a glorious example with his immaculately coordinated outfits whenever the camera is on him, Tan can rock the classy and understated, and roll with loud and spunky as well.

A keen observer and listener, Tan always listens to his subjects and gets an inkling of their preferred style, and modifies it while not losing their original element, making sure the wearer of the outfit he has picked out is still very much comfortable in it.

His acute fashion acumen and versatility is a great takeaway for us as well – Tan is always there to remind us that a fresh face and good hair always needs to be complemented with the right wardrobe.


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Johnathan Van Ness – The Grooming Expert

“Spray, delay, walk away.”

Last rhymes with “yaaaassss”, and our last guy is full of it. Uber flamboyant and arguably the funniest/sassiest of the quintet, Johnathan Van Ness is just an absolute joy to watch, and possibly even better to be around.

He is the grooming expert of the lot, and where Karamo enforces the importance of grooming as a life coach, JVN executes and puts the process into motion.

Leading by example with silky-smooth tresses that cascade down his shoulders and his impeccably sculpted facial furniture, straight-shooting Johnathan calls “basic bitch” as it is – but he’ll help you not be one.

A hairstylist by trade, he shines in his prognoses of his makeover subjects’ hairy situations, and truly shows us how we tend to underestimate the colossal impact a good haircut and facial hair trim can make to our appearance.

Watching him actually prompted me to visit The Hair Clinic to get my consultation and scalp revitalization on. Can’t slay on a bad hair day!

All in all, these five characters are just the light we need in a world that can get very dark sometimes. They preach and live by the values of acceptance, self-love, individuality and empathy, and all these just makes us all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Oh, what I would do to be right in the middle of one of their famed group hugs.


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