Why You Have to Become Someone You Hate When It Comes to Your Pores.

People, it’s time to be hypocritical. Time to not practice what you always preach. Time to bite the bullet, and become someone you do not like at all.

And all of this, in the name of beauty.

When it comes to your skin’s well-being, micromanaging is one of the keys to victory. I know, nobody loves a micromanager, especially in a work environment.

To be heavily scrutinized with no flexibility is a nightmare for everyone, but when it comes to your skin, the more you micromanage, the more “micro” your pores get – true beauty goals right there.


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Something to Pore Over


The pores on your skin carry multiple functions; they are the entry points for all the nutrients you introduce to your skin, and also allows for the exodus of toxins from your body as part of the cleansing process.

They also allow for the production of sebum, oils that keep our skin hydrated.

Unfortunately, environmental factors also mean that not everything that the pores allow to enter our body are nutrients. Pollutants like dirt, grime and grease cause your pores to get congested, resulting in clogged pores and a fertile breeding ground for acne bacteria.

Also, enter the problem of excess sebum production, something that plagues more of us than we know. This surplus of sebum caused by hormonal imbalance further aggravates the acne situation, worsening your skin condition.

When all the dust from fighting the war with acne settles, you’re left with the scars of battle – enlarged pores that make your skin even more vulnerable to future acne attacks.


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Size Does Matter


Pore size I mean. What were you thinking?

Jokes aside though, the size of your pores really does determine the outlook and overall condition of your skin.

Smaller pores give off the porcelain effect that is much conveted but tough to achieve, whereas enlarged pores give off a duller, coarser texture, one that is devoid of vitality and hard to mask, even with makeup.


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It Ain’t Uneasy Being Greasy

b76p6The onus is on you to really manage and contain various causes of enlarged pores, and oil control is one of these causes.

If you find your skin giving off a sheen a few hours you’ve just mattified your face with makeup, you might need to take some action to contain your sebum production.

Learn to avoid food that disrupt your blood sugar levels and are high in saturated fat for starters, to curb sebum production from within the body.

Slapping on night creams like the Flawless Complexion Clearing Serum will also do wonders for your pore situation externally. This cream plunges deep into your pores and cleanses them, while the sebum-control nanospheres in the product help to regulate the production of oil.

Also induces cell renewal for a smoother, brighter complexion.


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Spot the Difference


If you find yourself already suffering from pre-existing acne, you’ll need to weed that problem out, right after you regulate your sebum production.

Micromanaging can be very taxing, and you might need a little bit of help when it comes to that. Accomplish 5 thing in one sitting with the Clear Blue Facial, a comprehensive 5-step skin clarifying therapy.

Let your skin be subjected to exfoliation, anti-bacterial and pore shrinking laser treatment, gunk-purging enzyme peels, and collagen masks, all in one 60-minute spa-like session.

Definitely checks a lot of boxes off your list at once!


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Pores for Effect


Once your sebum production levels are stabilized and all the bacteria and gunk that cause your pores to enlarge and clog are all cleared out, it’s time to set the pore-minimizing wheels in motion.

The final step to a smoother and healthier complexion requires you to close up the portals that dirt, oil and bacteria used to enter from. Your skin’s condition might be frail from the onslaught of all the bad stuff, and in dire need of some form of fortification.

The introduction of probiotics and natural orchid extracts found in products like Blue Orchid introduce vitamins that improve the resilience of your skin from further attacks, restoring the balance while hydrating and rejuvenating the skin.

What you put on your face is crucial to the maintenance of your skin as well, so make sure you invest in makeup products that do not contribute to the clogging of your pores.

The Hologram Pore Minimizing Primer is one such product that not only protects the skin from UV rays when applied, it actually contains Vitamins A, C and E to illuminate and hydrate your skin, the whole duration you’re wearing it.


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