Facials That Suck the Life Out of You: Everything You Need to Know

A few years back in 2013, megastar Kim Kardashian posted a selfie of herself on her Instagram account, with blood seemingly smeared on her face, while plugging her reality TV show with her sister Kourtney.

The image was accompanied by the hashtag “vampire facial”.

This post might pale in comparison to the tons of glamorous pictures she usually posts of herself, but to her army of loyal 136 million followers, she can do no wrong.

Everything she touches pretty much turns into a viral sensation… and thus began the vampire facial boom.


Vampire Facials: What Are They?


A cosmetic procedure that involves an aesthetician drawing a vial of blood from a patient, processing it in a centrifuge, extracting growth-inducing plasma platelets and re-injecting it into the patient’s skin, this process is said to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate the healing process – but at the cost of a substantial amount of pain, according to Kim Kardashian herself.

In the light of the two individuals who paid more for their vampire facials by contracting HIV, inquiries into this peculiar procedure will undoubtedly be raised.

Are vampire facials the only way to rejuvenate our skin and restore our youth, and is it worth risking your life for it?

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Alternate Ways to Rejuvenate


There is no substantial proof that a vampire facial really works, other than those dramatised accounts of Kim Kardashian and her sister on a reality TV show, and that is exactly what makes it not worth the risk at all.

Stimulation of the skin’s healing process and restoring your skin’s glow does not have to be paid for in blood, quite literally.

It is precisely because of the icky pain factor, that aesthetic technology has moved to adapt to the masses’ fear of pain, by introducing a gamut of non-invasive procedures that serve the same purpose, but without the pain and lengthy downtime.

For your skin rejuvenation needs, treatments like the Forever Young BBL offer a fastidious and virtually painless alternative to skin rejuvenation, by way of light therapy.

This procedure uses various wavelengths of light energy to penetrate the deeper recesses of the skin, triggering the growth of new cells and the skin’s ability to heal, effectively removing acne, fine lines and wrinkles along the way.

If you do decide to completely deviate from foreign intervention, skin rejuvenation can be a self-service affair as well.

Aside from using proper sunblock (or staying clear of the sun completely if possible), weekly detox cleanses, and the investment of a hydrating night cream with firming properties are also firm favorites you can opt for, which are definitely more effective – and safer than bloodletting vampire facials.

There’s a price to pay for beauty, but safety has to be the paramount priority – always.


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