Staring at Your Phone Non-Stop Causes Walking into Glass Doors… and AGING.

It’s an all too familiar sight everywhere you go – hordes of the ‘smombies’ trudging around with their heads all buried in the glow of their smartphones.

It does not matter where or when, someone somehow will be on their mobile phone, replying texts, trawling social media feeds… and once in a while you might even bear witness to someone walking into a lamppost or a glass door.

Having said that, all of us definitely boast better odds at avoiding embarrassing incidents of this nature, than against the other thing our smartphones do to us – speed up our aging.


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Truth Comes to Light


It’s been widely acknowledged that the one source of light we should be avoiding if we want to have great skin is sunlight, due to its toxic UV rays.

In recent times however, researchers have shed umm, light on the other source of light that harms our skin – blue light.

Blue light is only second on the UVA and UVB spectrum to the rays of the sun, and its wavelength range lies in the area where it can inflict the same kind of harm the sun does, slowly but surely.

Blue light is emitted from most of your digital devices like your laptop, smartphone and tablets, and the closer you are in contact with these screens, the more substantial the damage it deals to your skin.

Skin damage, pigmentation, weakening of the skin’s surface and even inflammation are just some of the harm it can do, just by being on Facebook and Instagram for extended periods of time.


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Skin Protector


The gadgets we’re all so transfixed on do not come cheap, and we add to that expense with screen protectors and phone covers to protect the device our life revolves around.

If we are already doing that for our pricey smartphones, what are we doing to protect the wear and tear on something we cannot even put a price to – our skin?

“Accessories” for the skin that can shield us against the damage dealt by our smartphone addiction do exist, and it’s better to be well-defended than to regret it in future.


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Beauty – It’s Only Gene-Deepb154p4

Gene Therapy by SW1 is a pristine example of a product that is comprehensive in the protection and alleviation of our photodamaged skin.

Now that you know you’ve been exposed to the two-pronged UV attack from the sun and your smartphone, the extent of damage is unclear – but not irreversible.

An age-reversing serum that has been flying off the shelves online and in SW1 Clinics, Gene Therapy transcends topical relief from photodamage, by diving right into our DNA strands and eviscerating all the damage.

A product that is very evidently more than skin deep, application in the daytime before you step out forms the shield you need from the sun, and once more at night before bed guarantees that all the exposure to the sun and the smartphone for the day enters the state of renewal and repair while you sleep.

Now I’m not advising you to minimize the usage of your devices, because I know I won’t be practicing what I preach… but at least try to be aware of your surroundings enough to not walk up and downward-going escalator – ouch.


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