J Lo is #Bodygoals… Maybe You Can Be Too.

Not everyone’s born with the good stuff (yeah I’m talking about you J Lo). Some of us really have to work for that bodacious, voluptuous, sumptuous figure.

There are more women out there who are not satisfied with their bodies, than there are who are completely pleased with their figures.

In between hectic schedules and the evil, irresistible temptation of the sweet and savory stuff, there is really little room to negotiate the discipline to stay in shape.

The frustration is very much real, much like your bruised self-esteem. Before you give up the good fight, let us look at why you’re not dropping those pounds, and how you can do so.


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Please Restart Your System


Bloatware is usually what we call the stuff that slows your computer systems down, but this term is definitely applicable in the bodily context as well.

The bloatware we suffer from slows down our metabolism, which is our digestive system.

Constant burping, feeling full even before meals, and the mysterious shrinking of your clothes are known symptoms of the mentioned bloatware.

What you need at this point, is a detox and cleanse to reboot your system.

While a quick search on the internet will result in a million and one steps to take for detoxification, an all-in-one product like the Purification 1-Day Cleanse conveniently combines all the steps needed in one product, saving you a load of time, without the hassle of altering your diet.


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Self-Help Helps


Amongst the slew of DIY weight-loss tips out there, it’s no easy feat to separate the ones that actually work and the ones that don’t.

There are however, a few choice dieting tips that have slipped under the radar of the general public, that are actually scientifically proven to work.

Let us look at some low-key, high-yield dieting tricks.

Eggs for breakfast.

Studies have proven that a starting off the day with a meal of eggs can actually fill you up pretty nicely and result in lower calorie consumption for the next 36 hours of the day, because they are so filling… and definitely taste better than celery.

Load up on black coffee.

 Another common product frequently stigmatized for its undesirable properties, coffee is actually loaded with antioxidants that aid in weight loss.

It has been proven that caffeine in coffee can boost daily metabolism by 3-11%, and accelerate the rate of fat burning by up to 29%.

Just make sure you don’t negate its benefits by adding too much sugar in your coffee!

Take probiotic supplements.

By probiotic supplements, I do not mean just Yakult. There are probiotic supplements out there that not only boost your digestive health, they even contain ingredients that actually can prevent acne and improve the complexion of your skin.


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Cutting Some Corners


For the impatient ones with countdown clocks ticking down to that monumental social event or even your very own big day (congratulations, you!), there are some low-pain, time-efficient ways to go about achieving that slinky-dress-ready frame.

For those looking to shed a significant amount of fat in the general areas, the Onda Body Magic utilizes electromagnetic waves to reduce and permanently destroy localized fat deposits in a safe and relatively pain-free manner, resulting in long-lasting results.

On the topic of magnets, the latest offering in aesthetic beauty is the Magnetic Muscle Sculpting program, your answer to all the abs and booty you need –  all while lying on a spa bed.

The effect of one session of the Magnetic Muscle Sculpting program is equivalent to 10,000 to 20,000 crunches depending on intensity administered… don’t think anyone can ever do that in one sitting.

Now if that doesn’t make your #bodygoals suddenly more achievable, I really don’t know what else will!


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