Chiseled Chin Without Surgery

A contoured jawline is one of the most enviable features you can have. From Hollywood’s J Lo to Korea’s Song Hye Kyo, what these beauties all have in common (apart from oodles of money) is a contoured face.   Until recently, surgery with anesthesia was the best option for anyone looking to achieve the Holy Grail of lower-face … Continue reading Chiseled Chin Without Surgery

Shrinking Beauty

In the world of excesses, it’s no wonder we need some help to shrink away some of our unsightly surpluses for our real (slimmer) look to emerge. But with many ‘shrinking’ away from surgery, the demand for no-downtime non-surgical alternatives has ballooned. Read More: Have We Found The Anti-Aging Holy Grail? Read More: The Skin … Continue reading Shrinking Beauty

Latest Aesthetic Breakthroughs Unveiled

INJECTABLE SKINCARE We are all familiar with the idea of injecting Botox to reduce muscle movement in the face, or injecting fillers to plump cheeks, but those in the know are moving on to injectable treatments which moisturise skin from the inside. Read More: I Tried Rejuran – Here’s What Happened These wonder-substances are gels … Continue reading Latest Aesthetic Breakthroughs Unveiled

Best Breakthroughs in 2018 for Flawless Skin

If you think iPhones upgrades are fast, you should see the wave of new innovation in the aesthetic world. Nowadays, it isn't just about correcting an imperfection, it’s abou making good skin flawless. If you are still using old technology like IPL or laser toning, or using your mother’s cold cream, it’s time for an … Continue reading Best Breakthroughs in 2018 for Flawless Skin