Best Micellar Waters: A Review

I admit. I am a sceptic. Micellar waters are the hottest thing from France (yes, and?), quick and easy to use (so are wipes, and I don’t recommend those unless in extremis), and non-foaming (surely no one still use foamers?). And then there is the supposed clincher: they remove eye make-up as well as cleansing your face. In … Continue reading Best Micellar Waters: A Review

This Water Saved My Skin… Literally!

It might sound dramatic, but micellar water saved my skin! You might be wondering what micellar water is so here is the ‘science-sy’ part. Micellar water contains gentle microscopic oil molecules called micelles (hence the name) suspended in soft water that attach to dirt, grime, makeup, and other gunk your skin has going on. But instead … Continue reading This Water Saved My Skin… Literally!