Why Do Korean Girls Look so Young?

›BY LISA WILLIAMS Once there was J-pop, now there’s K-pop. There’s no denying that we have an obsession with all things Korean. One of the trends increasingly is to follow in the footsteps of the Korean beauties, who have astounded us with their unbelievably youthful and supple complexions that seem to defy age. In fact, … Continue reading Why Do Korean Girls Look so Young?

‘Downtime” is IN

Gone are the days when lunchtime procedure rule the roost. “Lunchtime procedures” rose to prominence right alongside Botox — hard on the heels of Y2K (apocalypse, averted; world breathes collective sigh), when lasers were said to “tone” the skin, cow-derived collagen was the filler of choice, and many of today’s most beloved baby-step treatments were … Continue reading ‘Downtime” is IN